The month of August started yesterday and my Facebook timeline was filled with numerous messages, each detailing how it is not late to start that dream you have had since January 1st, or taking that huge step you procrastinated to February 2nd.

I read the messages, not just to give the usual same to you response courtesy demands for the happy month that ended them, but with a thoughtful and meditative mindset. I wondered- why would someone think that something that he couldn’t achieve in the past first seven months of the year could be achieved within five months? How possible would it be that the procrastination which derailed that task up until now would not kidnap him again? Where would the fear and doubt that discouraged him for seven months go, to allow him to take that step and achieve his dreams within five months? What about the disappointment that made him give up earlier, would they all magically disappear?

These and other several thoughts juggled in my head as I scroll past these messages, restraining myself from typing same to you.

When I locked my phone and coiled back to my own self, chewing on the naked truth my head fed me. A new and refined version of thought hit me. It has never been about who starts first, but who ends well. Marathons have never been won by who kicked off first or who stays on which track, but who runs fast and focused. One can start late, yet finish first and fine. One can achieve in two months what he was not able to achieve in two years. A Tortoise can outrun a Fox in a race if the tortoise stays focused, determined and self motivated, while the Fox doesn’t. Like it’s said, a fool might come first to the mountain, yet have no place to sit, while the wise man that comes last will have himself a better place to sit.

So I scratched the title of this article, replacing it with a more suitable one. DON’T THINK IT IS TOO LATE, BECAUSE IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

It is never too late to start working on your dream. It is never too late to make that bold step. It is never too late to believe in yourself, or make that scary life changing decision. All you need is a maximum focus and courage. An undiluted determination that is not hinged on anything but self motivation and the desire to become a winner. A zeal framed in the hunger to make a change and swap your situation with success. These attributes are the only things that would make these remaining five months seem like five years, when measured with the achievements it garners.

By the way, I went back to type that same to you response. It’s worth it. And I hope you will tell me same to me for my happy new month wish.

Happy new month, and remember, without courage, determination, focus and strong will, it is just about too late to start, even by dawn.



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