If there is anything that I hate in this life, it is waiting. I hate waiting for somebody at the eatery or cafe.  Standing on the road waiting for someone who probably is still at home yet calls to tell me he is just behind me. I hate waiting, either for someone or something. And when someone says, wait for this or that; I just smirk and walk away. This feeling is natural to me. And I believe there are so many others out there who won’t just sip on a bottle of Lacasara cheerfully while waiting for somebody or something…no matter who or what.

If we could not wait for something like this, things that we know are already coming, how then can we wait for God’s time? But the truth is, we wait for something or someone all the days of our life, even if we don’t take the waiting lightly. And as for God’s time, you see, God’s ways are different from the ways of men. So waiting on Him is not like waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Because, the tunnel can be measured to know how long one has to wait to see the light, but after hearing that a million days are like a day in the eyes of God, you found that waiting on him is like waiting for Godot…it never comes. Well, that’s the human part of me talking, it sure does.

Maybe you are waiting for a fruit of the womb, or a job, or a promotion or even a house of your own. And all these, no matter how hard you try, or how close you think you are to them, they never happen. Days become weeks, months and now decade is about to pass, yet nothing. It is terrible, especially when you have so many external pressures. (Not even going to talk about the internal pressures which are worse)

So you think of giving up. You think of straying or as the saying goes, if you can beat them, join them. So you ready your mind to join the waggon that has now as its plate number. That is good, very good, but you have to understand this one thing- It gets darker before the dawn. When you think of giving up, just think also maybe you are steps away from that light at the end of the tunnel. Think maybe your gold is being pulled out of the furnace. Think maybe your blessing is just on the door post. True, waiting is hard, waiting on God even harder. But in it, our faith and trust in God are tested, like gold in a furnace. How do you think Abraham became the father of all nations? Because he waited in faith, hope and trust.

Those are all you need to overcome waiting. They take you through every wait, despite how long it seems without hassle or stress.

Have faith, hope and trust. And at the end, success and victory will be yours.




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