There are certain things that one should not struggle to avoid or prevent, because they just happen, no matter how  careful or contentious one is. And one of them is disappointment. It comes to professionals, armatures or novices. It comes to all, irrespective of gender or status.

And when it becomes incessant, it brings along the ugly and despised feeling of depression, making the disappointed see nothing but an end to his or her life. Depending on the level of the disappointment, or the level of the person’s frustration, it could sometimes lead to suicide.

What matters then is the person’s approach to the various disappointment he faces. Do you see it as the universe working against you or do you just shake it off and walk? This perspective is what makes people peddling the same lane have different end results. It makes one a loser or a winner, a successful person or an unsuccessful person.

Let’s take the theory of a glass of water which is said to have two perspectives- half empty and half filled. One who sees it as half empty is devoid of hope and eaten by self pity and frustration, but one who sees it a half full if full of anticipation and undiluted passion, a great hope that the glass is going to be full one day.

Such is Disappointment, with the same features- a step to success or a step to failure. Yes, that interview failed, the business didn’t work out, your dreams are crashing before you and nothing seems to be working… But one thing is working just fine- your life. And as long as it is working, every other thing is inconsequential. And  for this to fully manifest, you have to take charge of your situation, of your disappointment. Sulking on it would only put you on a rocking chair- it gets you no where.

A man who falls does not only learn, he gets prepared for the better things ahead. Let your fall teach you, not trash you. Let it prepare you, not mar you.



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