THINKING TWICE: The Secret of the Wise.

At the end, every noise goes away,  and what we are left with is the meditative silence of our hearts, the whispers of our inner man, either judging us or pointing out what we should have done differently.

Flashback to the beginning, when the noise, the excitement and the eagerness started, our provocative stubbornness shielded this inner man from reaching us, overshadowing it’s screeching admonitions of how the intended act could go wrong and turning deaf ears to the wailing silence calling us to circumspect.

We shut it off. We say it doesn’t matter, after all others do it. We forget that same action brings different results and consequences for different folks, that thinking before doing is what makes us human, that our brains function only when we allow it. We neglect our instincts and relegate our conscience to a ridiculous back seat.

But for the few who halted for a chit-chat with their inner man. Those who plunge into that meditative silence as soon as it shows up, have a rethink and discover how best to execute the act. Those who listen to their instincts and make sure the silent whispers of their conscience are heard are those who, after everything, are equally left with this meditative silence and whispers from the inner man. But in the content of their hearts’ engagement with these end game judges lies the difference between them and us who at the beginning, paid no heed. For the return only to peace and harmony, happiness and unending joy.

But for us the heedless flies, we return to regret, to scourging and piercing words of our inner man, the thrusting whispers of regrets screeching from the meditative silence we avoided, the unending agony and hurtful reminder of how differently we could have done that.

So I ask, why do we avoid the peaceful and optional listening at the beginning, knowing full well that at the end…we will be forced and mandated to listen with hurts and regrets we cannot escape or avoid?



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