Detaching Your Name from the Definition of Failure.


Nothing is more devastating and heart breaking than aiming for something, making the necessary plans and then landing on a sack of ants. It crushes the heart more than a breakup does.
But a brave heart, the heart of a winner and successful individual sees a rising sun in the midst of this hurt and devastation. He sees not defeat, but life happening. He sees the universe playing its usual games with no regards to the emotions of the humans. So he stands up, dusts himself and start prepping again, for that same thing he had failed at.

I tell people, Failure is only but an assembly of seven English alphabets to describe a temporary obstruction to a person’s goal. It is never the end. The end is when you make the failure personal, defining it with your name attached. That is the end. But as long as you see it as just an assembly of alphabets, it will never hinder your pacing towards your goals.

Learn from the world of gamblers.. They lose several times, but they never stop gambling. Each day they troupe into the casinos or betting centers with a refreshed courage and assurance to win. And guess what, they lose. One would think they would not return again, but before you stand up from your bed the next day, they are already at the center, waiting to bet again. Now that’s persistence and passion in action- the only traits needed to succeed in life. And at the end, maybe after 20 trials, they will finally win… Crowing their persistence and passion with the crown they had pursued for days or weeks or even years.

If people who engage in such controversial activities could exhibit such hope in the face of failure, how much more you whose business idea is genuine and might get prospective investors?

Feed your behavioral approach to life with persistence and increase the insulin level of your passion. And above all, Remember, failure is just a seven letter word. Don’t attach your name to its meaning.



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