Writing Class 101: Creating an Interesting and Likable Character

Having a character that is loved by all is a difficult task even for the likes of J K Rowling and George R R Martin. You have to infuse in him or her some qualities which would make him or her likable even if he is a villain.

Here are some tips on how to create an interesting and likable character.

1. Know that your character is a human being, with human attributes and behaviors. Don’t position him or her in a place and remote him around. Let him explore the world of your story on his own.

2. Every human has something that motivates them into doing everything they do. So should your character. What does he want? What is his goal? Give it a name and let every of his actions gear towards achieving that.
Don’t just create a character that has no reason to run away from home, or has no motivation to fight the bad man. Arya Stark of Game of Thrones is going round the seven Kingdoms- the fictional world of Game of Thrones, because she wants to kill everyone that has hurt her or her family. Revenge then becomes her goal, and the zeal to accomplish that, her motivation. Give that to your character.

3. Give your character a phobia. Something that he dreads. This feature is great when the character is strong and a hero like superman. Clark Kent of Superman has a phobia for Krypton stones and so he fears it because it weakens him.
This attribute helps draw pity from the audience or your readers to your character. They could feel his pain and sometimes prays he doesn’t have to face his fear.

4. For a greater feel of the character, make him face his fear and how he comes out of it determines the genre of your work.
Sometimes, when a character faces his fear and decides to fight it… It’s always at the end, when he must have tried other options. Whether he fails or succeeds, that is your call.

5. It is also good to reveal your character’s phobia to his enemies. This would give him more reason to destroy them.

6. Never give your character an easy way out. Whatever be his goal, give him hurdles and obstacles, temptations and trails. It is through this obstacles that his true self is found. What would the fun in Game of Thrones be if Jon Snow ascends the Iron Throne without several wars..he even died at one point. The twist is in him standing tall above all of those obstacles.

I will stop here for today. Next time I will give more qualities. Thank you.



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