The Act of Giving Up.

Time after time, with the breaking of every new day since the beginning of humanity, we hear this phrase: don’t give up, no matter what.

We hug to the words of every motivational speaker or writer(including those still struggling to achieve success), narrating in their speech or book the success stories of many big men in your area of life who tried several times and failed, yet didn’t give up. And of course they made it later, otherwise they have no business with motivational speech.

So we struggle. Like the spider falling off the web and climbing again, we fall and rise. Sometimes our spirits slump into a crushed oblivion, a place we dare not enter to save our spirit lest we lose it all.

What do we do then? We bottle it all up. The devastation. The embarrassing failure. The hunting depression. And because we don’t want to look parasitic, because we don’t want our mates who are also struggling to know how much we struggle, because we don’t want the world to think us failure, we put up a fake smile, confusing everyone with the pretentious show of our neatly arranged dentition.

And just when we think we have everything in control- our smile and feigned hope, we see someone rise behind us like a Phoenix. Someone that has just started the race we have been running for years. Someone that just ventured into the business we have established long before the birth of Esau and Jacob. He just rise, without hurdles and obstacles and not only did he rise, he kept rising and before we could say Jack… He’s way out of our league.

Trust me, it is not easy. Keeping on is the hardest part of life, especially when you have no one to rely on. You just feel lost, like a small fish alone in a big sea. You just feel lost, lost and lonely.

Whatever causes such discriminatory act on success, I know not. But I do know that it happens. And because it happens, life isn’t fair. And because life isn’t fair… It’s okay sometimes to take a break(not give up). It’s okay sometimes to cry. It’s okay sometimes to let it all go, despite knowing that no one cares… Because at the end, they still do not care. Take a break, question yourself and your plans. Find yourself and your plans and then find your way back to the track again. And like the spider, continue climbing.



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