Like a resuscitated patient, the Monks resumed the hymn again. But not without a raised distraction and concern about who broke the greatest rule of the Priory. “Lord, fill this day with your radiance,” Brother Raymond started as the hymn ended. And as he ended the prayer and waited for the chorus from the Monks, …

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MOCKS and MONKS Episode 1

Nights at Saint Benedict’s Priory Bamako have nothing to do with darkness. The light-bulbs glued on the walls of the Priory and that of the church always repelled it, illuminating the whole premises. The lights always stayed on through the night, giving the patrolling security men a clear sight of everything, even a crawling ant. …

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LOVE UNTOLD Episode 44

The pains in my joints disappeared. My closing eyes whined open. My mouth agape as I rushed towards Hope. “What did you do?” I held her trembling hands. She turned to me. Her eyes filled with anger- anger fuelled by the agonising memories of what she has passed through in Idima’s hand. Then the dagger …

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