GENDER FIGHTS: How Lovely is it?

Single girls: Good guys are not around the globe anymore. They have all been taken.

Single guys: Responsible girls have gone extinct. In fact, they never existed.

Me: Quit the complain and be the change you want in the opposite gender.  You complain about how bad your opposite treats your kind, but have you ever halted, in the midst of your complaints to circumspect on how lethal your kind has been to your opposite? I guess no,  because to You,  you and your kind are always innocent, swimming unstopped in the flawless ocean of feigned serenity and undiagnosed imagination created by you selfish and self denial attitude.
Let’s be real for once, enough of the double edged existence and easy to get fake nature that trolls our daily lives which are easily displayed on the popular 21st century uncensored medium of communication where even a day old child could say what he wills, when he wills and how he wills it. Tell yourself the truth, it will not kill, might hurt a bit but not kill. We all are guilty of imperfection; boy or girl. And what you should know is that complaining and whining have never since the creation of the universe taken anybody anywhere. It  rather turns it’s customers into an enemy of themselves thereby turning their glittering and dancing shadow into the most horrific movies ever.
You expect too much civility while you are primitive, how does that even work? You expect love while your heart is full of hateful thoughts about how his or her kind has treated not even you but a character in a movie or story you have read, worst, it might even be a story of a social media addict who is desperately in search and in need of likes and comments on his or her status updates. You are done reading it and your hate for your opposite just got catapulted into an unseen and undiluted realm of anger. Haba nah. Be real biko.
Wake up friends and live life to its fullest. The earlier we realize that humans are imperfect the better for us. And only then, can we help our friends, partners,,  colleagues, lovers, husbands and wives to become the version of human we want them to be. Water the apple tree and it will bear fresh and healthy apples but leave it at the mercy of the sun and it will produce rotten and sickly fruits.
Thank you. And don’t forget to read a good book today. 🍻


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