Very often we hear the phrase, I am a Christian, I can’t do this. I can’t do that. But what I have never heard, well maybe you have, but I never have, is;  I am a Christian so I can do this and do that.
We spend time counting the negativity of our life that we forget the little positivity that could change a whole lot of negativity. We indulge our pseudo righteous self into blaming others for what we deeply know is our fault, exonerating ourselves from what we know we totally are  part of. Because it’s gone wrong now, nobody wants to take responsibility.
We are fascinated and moved only by what profits our ego, so much more that nothing else matters except ourselves. Once we’re okay, everyone else can go to hell.  
Before you start shouting I am not selfish, pause and see this as a conversation with God.

The Truth is, we all are selfish, you, me, them, everybody.
The only and good reason why it seems some are and some are not is because the good ones amongst us has learnt how to chew their ego and digest it. They use their strength covering other people’s selfishness, thereby suppressing their own selfishness and appearing selfless.
They are the type that, when a friend is,  Nigerians  will say, showing sense (claiming to be wiser), will act mature and hide their sense.  Or when a friend is always forming boss online, waiting at the receiving end of a simple Hi, they will stick to the giving end of that plain but complicated two letter word.
That way, the sinking relationship will be saved because somebody sacrificed his/her selfishness and ego for peace.
There is no eternal award for these little things we grudge about everyday.

What I am saying is this, we are all bad, even that role model of ours, could be worse than we think. But because he/she fights and wins his/her demons, we then fancy his exterior decor.
But then again, we all are humans,with our own different demons. What matters now is  how well and passionate we are to fight this demon? Do we let it win? Or do we win over it? This fight and it’s various ends are what makes our characters and behaviors different, aside it, this world would be filled with a bunch of uncalculated humans acting with no direction or cause. And that would only amount to war and chaos. I don’t even know if couples would be able to copulate.
Let’s try, above all prides and claims of right,  to always be the one who wants peace and sacrifice. The one who is ever ready to let go just for peace. Imagine if the whole world does same, what do you think would become of the human, country or continental relationship? I bet you know that. 

That’s everlasting Peace . But that can only start with you and I. 

© ecmichaels


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