LOVE UNTOLD Episode 41

“You are a mess!” Amanda roared at Ahmed, leaving me more addled. “I loved you, I gave up everything for you,” she continued, her voice rising with every word. “I did everything just to make you act on the love you claimed you have for me, but nothing worked. You instead went behind me to …

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LOVE UNTOLD Episode 40

I almost fell down. The three figures that bruised past me were like nothing I have ever seen. Men of bursting biceps and triceps, height like an Iroko and faces mean like warriors slaughtering their enemy in war front. I was able to recognize just one face; Idima’s. I instantly cowered by the corner of …

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LOVE UNTOLD Episode 38

His number connected. He gave me a busy beep. I stared at the phone, confused. My heart raced out of its cage and started towards my mouth. I dialled the number again. He disconnected it, again! I screamed to the top of my voice, furiously. “What happened?” Ken terrified voice jolted my senses into its …

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