Why growl in a self pessimism about how unremarkable you are?
Or whine about how everything and everyone knows nothing about your existence?

Why complain so much about not being like others?
Or mourn your inability to measure up to one group or another?

Just why do you think that your life is a mistake?
Or conceive the worrisome thought about how useless you are?

Have you forgotten that you are a creature created in the likeness of God,
A Being who is perfect himself and shares perfection.
An extraordinary being who makes ORDINARY things superficial.

How can you forget that your life, no matter how hard or ORDINARY you think it is, tops someone’s prayer points?

Values your life, live it to the fullest and to the glory of God who made you. Then your imperfections will be made perfect.
And your ORDINARY life will be become extraordinary.



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