Flies fly over in merriment of a soured soup, 

You joined them to merry. 

Cockroaches assemble for a burial of their loved one, 

Join joined the assembly. 

Maggots swap a decayed meat, 

You comfortably swapped along. 

And when you are asked what is going on, 

You say fun.  

Fun becomes your sole definition of things you do without proper understanding of what they really are. 

The threads you joined without proper understanding or circumspection. 

Remember, your social  attitudes is your attorney, 

Speaking for your personality in your absence based on the RECORD you keep. 

So what record are you keeping for that attorney that shows up when and where you cannot?

Good or bad? Thoughtful or Gullible? Personal or public? 

Do you follow the crowd even when you don’t know where they are coming from or going to? 

Do you agree to terms without weighing the options surrounding it? Basing your judgment based on a friend’s or neighbors findings? 

If that is the case, I am afraid you have to. .. 

Redefine your Records: fix the broken parts,  find the missing parts and sieve the bad from the good. 

Then you will have a new and redesigned perception to life… The type that sees only to a personal and focused development of the holder.  



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