LOVE UNTOLD Episode 34

okaoda“Can we go home now?” I jerked up from where I was sitting.

“Why?” Ken questioned. “Has the Grill run short of Chivita Juice?”

I stared at him and smiled. “It’s late dude. I have lectures tomorrow.”

“Yeah, me too,” Eric concurred and let go of the bottle in his hand. It shattered on the floor with pieces falling into the pool.

“Woooh!” Frank exclaimed. “You are so going to pay for that dude.”

“How many have you broken now?”


“It’s just two. Common let’s go home,” I said, dragging him out.

We were in front of the Grill waiting for a cab when Frank and Ken staggered out and stood beside us. A cab man willingly stopped in front of us, and before I could tell him where we are headed, Frank and Ken rushed in like there were only two vacant seats in the cab. I looked at them and shook my head. Then I helped Eric who has used my shoulder as a pillow inside the car; the backseat as usual so they can troll each other with their drunkenness while I sat in the front seat.

“Avalon Lodge,” I told the driver and he zoomed off.




The ride was a silent, yet nosily one. I was glued at my seat, swallowing in pain and anger the jest my drunken friends repeatedly made of me about not having a girlfriend and worst, being half a man for not taking alcohol. At interval I would glance at them, shake my head and cough. I was not going to be bothered about their opinion, as long as my life and my freedom have not being taken away from me because I have no girlfriend and don’t take alcohol.

“Stop here,” I told the driver who swayed off the road and parked beside the entrance of our house. I alighted, paid him and left, without telling them anything. That was the only way I could retaliate for their mockery and if their drunken mind did not whisper anything close to alight to them, they should dig it out with the driver when he shouts for them to leave his car.

I was in the shower when I heard a thud on the bed, then a scoff and a heavy sigh. I knew it was Frank; he must have helped Eric inside and have taken time to reminisce about the room for that would be his first time entering the room since he moved out. I sighed; wishing that whatever went wrong could be fixed. He was my best and I loved him, but then again, every memory I have of him was sporadically being replaced by Eric’s kindness, trustworthy and listening attitude. I swallowed hard, allowing the shower to flush out every discomfort from my head. I stepped out and found Eric lying like a log of wood on the bed, legs spread and face like one about to die. With my towel around my waist I tiptoed towards the wardrobe and changed in my boxer shorts. Then I tapped his leg that was dangling down the bed.

“You have to bath,” I said. “You are sticking, unless you want to sleep on the floor.”

He grumbled, something incoherent emitted from his mouth and I didn’t bother to hear what it was. My greatest joy would be to see him take a shower and brush his mouth or on the easy note, roll down on the floor.

“Wake up please,” I said, pulling his leg from where I was standing.

He grumbled again, pulled up his leg and took a perfect position on the bed. The more I tried to pull him down, the more relaxed he got while his body became weighty every second. My head explode. There was no way I was going to sleep on that bed with him and sleeping on the floor wasn’t an option on my side. I hate it and everybody in that house knew that I do. I stood, watching him snore and enjoy his sleep while his mouth emitted odour that was bent of suffocating me. I thought of so many things; what and how I could do to get him off that bed, but my thought ended in futility. So I moved to the door, locked it and with all the strength of my life, I lifted him up and laid him on the floor. I was about laying the bed when I heard him say something; something that sounded like he was cuss me. I glanced at him and saw this piteous look on his face as he coiled himself up in the coldness of the floor. I hissed. My humanity was touched. So I pulled him up, dragged him towards the bathroom and pulled his shirt. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that but I couldn’t let him sleep on the cold floor neither would I allow him sleep on the bed without bathing. My plan was to awaken him with the rush of shower on his head but he didn’t wake, even when I set his face up against the shower. So I pulled his wet trousers, leaving him only on his boxer shorts. I looked at his chest and thighs and got lost.

“You need to get out of here Thony,” I told myself. “This is not right.”

But I didn’t leave. I stood there, admiring his masculine body; his triceps and biceps that were built with all the cuteness in the world. Like in a slow motion, I felt a bulge in my boxers; I quickly ran my hands against and sighed. Then I left a deafening slap on Eric’s face, jolting him back to normality. He jerked up, slipped into my hands, hugging my bare chest. His mouth agape, gasping for air as his eyes widely took in his environment.

“Calm down,” I said, having no words to explain to him why he was naked with me in the bathroom. “You threw up on yourself and I have been waking you up but you just…”

He clasped his hands behind me, giving me the full warmth of his body. His bare chest on mine was the most sensual feeling I have gotten in a long while. Reluctantly, I reciprocated, while trying not to feed the bugle growing in my thighs.

“You have to bath now,” I said, breaking the hug. “You are going to catch cold.”

But he was not ready to let go, he was enjoying the hug, maybe more than I was, because the bugle I was suppressing from sprouting in my thighs, sprouted in his. I felt it and I gasped. I broke the hug, in force, avoiding his eyes. “Take you bath now. I will be in the room,” I said and made to leave.

Eric pulled me back, and in that same flash locked his lips in mine, kissing me passionately like I starved him of that. For some seconds I gave in, ravishing his soft and succulent lips in an obsessive manner, shutting down my conscience which was strangling me with judging words of how I finally fell for a temptation I could have avoided. Few minutes into the impromptu kiss, Eric reached for my ass; then I knew he was aware of his actions. I pulled back my lips, coughed and bent my head.

“You will catch cold,” I mumbled, avoiding his eyes. “Take you bath and…”

He pulled my face up against his face. He was fully awake, his eyes bright like diamond under the sun. He smiled, showcasing his white dentition. I made to bend my head but he stood it still before him with his firm hands.

“Tell me you don’t want me and I will go,” he said, his voice soft and loving, the type that always got me falling for him.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I replied, pushed his hand off my face and stepped backwards. “You need to take your bath.”

He stepped closer, his mouth drawing closer to mine like a magnet. “That is not an answer to my question,” he voiced as alcoholic odour oozed out his mouth. I sniffled, my hands blocking the radiation from entering my nose. I scowled, not believing that some seconds ago I was ravishing that same lips like my life depended on it. “And do brush your mouth,” I managed to say, and then made for the door.

I walked out wishing he would pull me back to him again and forcefully make me his, while my other side wished he take his bath and never talk about what happened between us. Like my other side shouted at him, he did not move or try talking me back to him. He stood, frozen as he watched me leave the bathroom. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad as I walked into the room. All my nerves and hairs were standing; a rush of emotions clouded my heartbeat, sending blood to only the sensual parts of my body. I sighed, taking in a much as oxygen as I could, although that obviously did not help as sweat drenched my body, dripping from my back and face down my spine and stomach. I felt a dangling in my boxers and I looked down, the sight was a yes to what wanted to happened but my heart; the little part that refused heeding to my emotions, shouted no. I sighed deeply and slumped in the bed, my hands in my head as I imagined what I could have been like if we had done it. Although he was the one who made the first move but what if he turned it against me, saying that I took advantage of his drunken state? What if he told others what happened and maybe reports me to school authority and charge me of rape? Okay, those things might be the worst reactions, but what if he never talked to me again? What if I lost him just as I lost Frank? What if he told Ken who I really am? Or assuming he liked it and wanted more, would I be ready for a relationship with him, now that I really want a girl in my life. My head span as I rumbled my mind, searching for that one way to escape to the temptation I so much wanted to fall for. Erci was a handsome guy, tall and well built with eyes that should have been given to a princess and a sweet baritone voice that would have matched a prince better. I knew we have been off since we moved in together but these few mouths that I have been closer to him, I have come to understand and like his person, making me realize how mistaken one could be from judging something or someone from distance.

I was lost in my thought when the creaking of the bathroom jolted me, sending my heart off its cage. I jumped up and glanced at him. “You scared me,” I muttered.

He smiled. His towel tied roughly on his waist, he paced towards me, making my heart beat faster than supposed. I stood agape, mopping at his approaching bare chest that was dripping pristine waters like a leaf realising the dew it gathered in the early hours of the day. The mild and soft hairs on his chest were coiled in an appealing manner, sleeping on his body like they were scared to be rough handled.

“You are wetting the floor,” I mumbled, trying to calm my distressed mind.

He stared right into my eyes, lifted his feet and covered that tiny space between us. I gaped.

…the story continues…



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