LOVE UNTOLD Episode 27

“Oh my God!” he yelled. “How is that even possible?” his voice rose again.
I took steps forward trying to cover his mouth; he took steps backwards running away from me, his left hand positioned in front of him shunning me away. “Don’t come close please.” He said.

Like a bag of nails, those words fell on me. I felt the pain over and over. It hurt my heart and wounded my soul. The tears that were in eyes freely flew, blurring my sight. I whimpered softly regretting the silly decision I have made. “You promised.” I muttered. “You gave me your word.”

“A promise to a gay guy? That is no promise.” He scornfully said. “Who are you doing it with?”

I tried speaking but my words got clamped in my cracky voice. I took steps backward, sat on the bed, hoping for the earth to open and take me in.

“Who are you doing it with?” he asked again, this time very sternly. “Eric? Ken? Who?”

“Nobody.” I yelled back, wiping the tears that corrupted my sight.

“I don’t believe you!” He said. “You need to say the truth.”

“Why are you doing this Frank?” my tears were missing with my mucus, finding its way down my mouth. “I trusted you, and you gave your word that this wouldn’t change…”

“To hell with you and the fucking words. What kind of a pervert are you? How on earth do you fantasize over the naked body of your fellow man?”

“You need to stop?”

“How often do you masturbate thinking about me? How often do you peep and lick your tongue while I change my clothes? Wait, have you been touching my dick those nights that I sleep naked? Answer me!”

I pulled a cloth on the bed and wiped my eyes. Anger and hate were creeping into my mind, I tried fighting it, giving him excuse for his reaction, but his annoying and inconsiderate words kept coming, barricading the excuses from melting the rising anger. I knew he would be shocked; anybody would, but not this level. He has taken too far. I needed to shut him before his ever increasing voice gets out and finds its way into Eric’s ear. That would be my doom. So I stood, looked him into the eyes and said. “You need to shut up, or I will kill you.” My voice was low, calm yet stern, commanding authority. He could hear from it the dangerous level of my seriousness. My face also did well in projecting a fierce and angry animal through the sudden change of my eyes into a reddish colour. My lips shook as I gritted my teeth.

“What?!” he asked in disbelief of what he heard. “Kill me?”

“I told you, you know only the part of me that I want you to know.” I replied confidently walking towards him. “So shut up or see the other part, which I promise you, is deadly but not the worst.” I paused.

His back was already on the wall and I could feel the hot carbon-dioxide rushing out of his nose and mouth. “You mean you would…”

“Kill you? Yes I will, without any second thoughts.” I interjected. “I really do not betrayal lightly. You made a promise, a bond, a debt you ought, but you want to decline and that, I hate.” My hand softly caressed his neck before squeezing it. “But since you are my friend and I don’t betray friends, I will let you go. But if I hear this outside this room, you are as good as dead.” I pushed his head on the wall, it thud and I let go of his neck. He twitched in pain, hands on his neck as he watched me; psychically bold but emotionally feeble walking back to the bed. I stretched myself cosily and lied down. My eyes was closed when I heard his hasty steps ran out of the room, I went into a deep slumber; just what I needed.

After what seemed like ages, I wriggled on the bed and woke up, eyes flashing round the room I noticed the strange space in the room. For some seconds, I thought maybe I woke up in a different room until I saw Eric, bags in his hand and clothes on his neck walking into the room. I jumped up. 

“What are you doing?” I asked yet looking around on the bit to find out myself. He smiled, hoping that I figure it myself. I eventually did. Frank’s stuff are out of the room, carefully selected and wholly picked, leaving no item behind, not even his shoe rag. I chuckled. “Where is Frank?”

“Well he said the temperature of the room is high, and you know, I love such rooms. So he would be staying with Ken for now.” Eric said putting his clothes in the wardrobe. 

I chuckled again. I never thought he would take my threat serious, guess I was wrong. I figured I needed to apologize, tell him I was only making sure he’d keep his mouth shut, that there was no other side of me to be known, but the thought of the result such explanation would brew sent my words back to where they formed.

“Alright Roomie!” I smiled. “You are welcome. But just so we are clear, I sleep on the outside edge of the bed and no shoes in the room. Do you understand?” he smiled at me. “And no slippers in the bathroom?”

“What?” He screamed, his shoes dropped from his hand, hitting his piggies. He groaned. “How the hell is that possible?”

“Because I scrub it every morning. I love my bathroom immaculate white. I won’t have you dent the floor with you slippers.”

“Wait,” He voiced amidst his whimpering. “Frank kept these rules?”

“We made it together. And I am used to it now. So I am not changing them.”

“There is no way I am entering a bathroom without a slippers.”

I gaped.

“I will just buy new slippers specifically for that purposes.”

“The day you step outside the bathroom with it is the day I burn them.” I said; tone authoritative and mean. I picked my toothbrush, while he stared and head straight to the bathroom. Suddenly I opened the door, paste foam in my mouth, toothbrush in my hand. “No girl is sleeping over, no matter what.”

He chuckled. “Well you just made the most interesting rule ever.”

“Oh, I forgot, it’s your celibacy age.”

I echoed and shut the door.

….the story continues…. 


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