LOVE UNTOLD Episode 25

Eyes flashed, mouths made to speak but got entangled in the forgotten words that were stolen by shock. I could swear my eyes were playing the most cunny trick on me. Amada has no business walking into Ahmed’s office with such excitement unless something was going on between them. We both stared at each other as our eyes met, feeling that the first to withdraw was the weaker and guilty one. 

Eric was more than shocked. He knew I was no longer in talking terms with her but he never thought my new arrival friend would have jumped in on her so soon. He was shocked more than I was. He coughed, dragged the chair beside him noisily and sat down. Legs crossed, he watched us with an unperturbed interest. 

Ahmed would have jumped into an explanation if Amanda didn’t burst in the way she did, but her countenance has changed everything rendering any explanation he would have given void and useless. 

“Hi Thony.” Amanda saved us all from drowning into the ocean of silence swallowing us. “What are you doing here?” She asked swaying her eyes from me to Eric and to Ahmed. 

“This is the school clinic and I have a fever.” I replied. “Unfortunately Doctor Ahmed was assigned to me.” Eric coughed, I ignored him. “And you, do you have fever too?” I asked almost immediately.

“Yes I think I might be…I am actually fine, I just wanted a check up.” She stuttered.

I looked at Ahmed, he was disappointed, his efforts to make friends with me has just being marred by his lover’s sudden and excited barging into his office. I knew he didn’t have any feelings for Amanda, he was only using her to get to me and I would die before I tell Amanda about his sexuality or the fact that he was married; a marriage that I was yet to know its details.

“This is not what you think Thony. I…” Ahmed finally mustered enough courage to speak.

“How can you know what he is thinking? You are not Matt Parkman.” Eric scoffed, stood up and walked to Ahmed’s table. “I came here to ask a question, a very disturbing one and this past and present drama isn’t going to make me stutter like some people did.” He glanced at me and Amanda then returned his gaze on Ahmed who has nothing but embarrassment left. “I had an argument with my friends and they said that epilepsy is contagious. Is it correct?” he asked not minding Ahmed’s dumbfounded state.

Ahmed respired heavily. “It’s not. Epilepsy is not contagious. But that doesn’t mean you should not be careful with your girlfriend. It’s better safe than sorry and…”

“Do not give me a speech so as to calm yourself.” Eric interjected. “You have answered my question and I thank you for that.” He turned to me and smiled. “I am going, should I wait for you or do you still want to be checked of your fever?” he smirked.

“I am done here; let’s go.” I replied and instantly made for the door.

“Thony, i…” Ahmed tried to speak but something I didn’t know once again stole his words from him. 

I opened the door and left without looking back. Eric was happily striding behind me with no tension. My only blackmail tool have been taken away and Ahmed who could have given same information with all pleasure decided to mar the relationship I was pretentiously building with him by getting involved with Amanda who would stop at nothing to see me humiliated. I see nothing but a complicated life as I found my way out of the clinic.

I and Eric walked out of the school in silence aside Eric who could not wait till he got home to break the goodness to Ken and Frank. He called Ken and with much joy in his voice announced the good news.

“Thank God Thony was there with me least you think I am lying.” He added. The call ended with a series of insults and a well planned move on how to retaliate their seven-hour discrimination against him. I was talking to a bike man when he ended his call.

“Are you bargaining for two?” he asked waving his phone up and down like a little boy showcasing his new toy to all who were too busy to notice.

I looked at him and the look in my eyes gently revealed to him that I wasn’t bargaining for two.

“Common, I have just been declared free of any infection.” He shouted. “And we are friends.” He added before proceeding to the bike man who kept looking at us like we were from mars. He talked with him for long and finally mounted the bike, signalling me to join. “I will pay.” He said.

Morosely I mounted the bike and the bike man headed home.

Just as the walk out of the school, the ride home was also a silent one. I was emotional tortured by the crazy imagery of what relationship Amanda was having with Ahmed. I saw her rushing to sit on his laps, placing her lips on his. I saw Ahmed’s face, it was emotionless and because Amanda has her eyes closed, she didn’t notice. Then suddenly the thought of sex crept in. I opened my mouth and inhaled as much air as I could. My head was bursting and my heart pounded like a sprinter who just finished a marathon race. What was Ahmed thinking going on a date with Amanda? And Amanda even, was she that slutty or was she just trying to get back at me? She was pretty, wealthy and influential, she could get any man she wanted in the campus, why Ahmed? Crazy mind disturbing thought devoured my mind that I didn’t know when the bike stopped.

“I see you like my pristine body a lot.” Eric teased.

“What! No! Common don’t be silly.” I threw in still not aware the bike has stopped.

“Just why then are still gummed to my body?”

“What?” I asked and looked around; we were in front of our gate. “Oh! Sorry, I am just not here.” I apologized, climbed down and headed straight inside. I heard him laugh as I rushed inside but I didn’t bother to know why. As I stepped into our lounge, Frank was working on his drawing board. I gave him a quick hi and headed for the room.

“Hey!” He shouted. “Is it true?” He asked.

I yelled a fatigued yes as I locked my room, lied on the bed hoping to sleep and forget the whole thing with Amanda and Ahmed. But it wasn’t that easy. My eyes closed to a continuation of the crazy visions of a romantic foreplay between them. I softly wailed, got up from the bed and ambled into the bathroom. As I turned the shower, I heard Eric and Frank made a joyful noise in the living room. I channelled all my attention to their vocals, using it as an escape to avoid the emotional torture my mind was brewing. I heard Eric hint Frank of his plan to revenge their uncalled reaction towards him. 

“All for Thony, I would have thought my life has ended.” Eric said.

“What do you expect dude?” Frank replied, more jokingly than remorsefully. “He knew he was lying that’s why he was cool coming close to you. But you know, we were just taking precautions. So don’t make it look like…”

“I will pay you two back, just not now.” Eric said. 

I heard Frank hail him and the next thing I heard was a creep on my door. I knew he was the one but I was not ready to talk to myself let alone another. I increased the shower rush and feigned deaf to his call. After sometime, the room went dead. I heaved a heavy sigh of relieve and toweled my body. The cold shower has put my mind at peace. All I could think about was how to stretch myself on the bed and have a very good sleep, even though it was almost 4 pm. I needed the sleep to regain my sanity. Unclad and with the towel round my neck, I stepped out of the bathroom. 

“Jesus!” I shouted as soon I locked the bathroom door and saw Eric sitting on the bed.

…the story continues.


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