LOVE UNTOLD Episode 21

I and Eric quickly disengaged the hand lock and the smile turned into an emotionless stare.
“There he is. The evil doer!” Ken said and bounced on me.

“Stop, he is going to faint again.” Eric defended me.

“Faint?” he retorted.

“I just revived him. So just…”

“Lies, he is probably acting it.” Ken said knocking my head.

The pain sent all the sensual feeling I have running and my body returned to normal. My body relaxed as I groaned in pain with my hand on my head.

“That hurts.” I yelled.

“Why would I waste my energy knocking you if I don’t want it to hurt you?” Ken retorted. “You know what you did and now you are feigned sick. Since when did you start fainting on mere jolting?”

“This would be the second time.” Eric defended me again.

I looked at him, our eyes met and I quickly looked away. My sight caught Frank who has been uncomfortably silent since they walked into the room. I wondered if he saw anything.

“Are you serious?” Ken questioned.

Eric nodded in confirmation. Ken was taken aback. He looked like at like I have a disease, a plague, an infectious disease.

“What?” I queried. “I hate being sneaking up on. That’s all. It’s not contagious so stop looking at me like I am leprous.”

“Whatever you have is not stopping me from hitting you twelve times.” Frank finally spoke.

“You numbered it?” I shockingly asked.

“Yes.” He nodded. 

“What was the criterion for that calculation?” I asked.

“The mark you left on my face were nine in number. The dots were three. That makes it twelve. I must hit you twelve times.” He answered as he took steps closer.

“Not today Frank, I told you he just woke up. Unless you want to sleep in the hospital otherwise, stay away.” Eric said and left the room with a lot of determination. There was this silence which ended with Ken snapping his finger at me and leaving the room.

“You can’t fool me too.” Frank said as he approached me. “I must have my revenge, and so must others.” He knocked me.

The pain was crucial, like he targeted the very spot where Ken had left his. I groaned in agony with my hand massaging the spot. 

“One down, eleven to go.” He grinned mischievously and left the room.

I inhaled and laid on the bed processing the whole thing with Eric in my head. I couldn’t stop smiling at the feeling the thought gave me, I know it was not right, and I might be wrong but whichever be the case, I could only enjoy the mirage feeling I got in the secret of my bedroom hoping we get to talk more about it someday sometime.  

I stood up, dressed up and stepped out of the room into the living room where they were eating noodles and egg for breakfast. I joined them resisting their resistance. We ate in silence except Eric who told us how Joy came and ran away.

“With the look on her face, she is never returning here again.”

“Well at least my prank gained you some sort of freedom.” I scoffed.

They all sneered at me.

“What!” I asked. “He shouldn’t go dating an epileptic girl. You will contract the diseases and spread it to us.”

There was another silence which I tried to overlook on the thought they were once again sneering at me. I focused on the noodle, making sure I eat a belly full before they finally usher me out; they had made it clear they didn’t cook for me. When the silence got a bit more silent, I squinted at them; they were all staring at me. I dropped my fork and looked up, glancing at them one after the other.

“Is it contagious?” Ken asked. His tone depicted terror and fear. His eyeballs were on the verge of pooping out.

“Of course it is.” I answered quenching his hunger for answer. Then I picked my fork and continued eating. I have at least gained a little knowledge on why they were shocked and that gave me some sense of authority. I was the only person in that room with the explanation as to whether epilepsy is contagious or not. And with their fear, they will rather listen than ask me not to eat.

“Be serious Thony. This is not funny.” Eric shivered. “I slept with that girl you know, say the truth.”

“I am saying the truth.” I said with a mouth full of noodles. “It is contagious.” 

That uncomfortable silence came again. This time, I didn’t bother looking up, because I already know why, so I bothered myself rather with the noodle and finished it. 

“He is probably playing with our minds.” Frank scoffed. “There is no way that is contagious.”

“You can’t be too sure. He is a science student. He should know better.” Ken objected.

“Okay, what is the mode of transmission?” Frank asked again.

“Fluid, be it blood or water, any kind of fluid.” I said as I swallowed the last bit of noodle in the plate, dropped my fork and respired heavily. “In fact, you should go for a lab test, epileptic test rather.” I added looking at Eric.

Eric was sweating, his lips were trembling. I looked into his eyes and they were red, he obviously was troubled. The sweat on his face dropped on the table and Frank and Ken quickly swayed off the table. Tears mustered in Eric’s eyes. He felt dejected, abandoned and leprous.

“Eric!” I called.

He squinted at me with his tearful eyes. The tears zigzagged down his cheeks. “Tell me you are lying.” He said. His voice was shaking; I barely heard what he said.

“I am not lying, but that doesn’t mean you have it already. I was going to tell you but since then, things have been very disordered here, I didn’t get the appropriate chance.”

His tears flew even more. Frank and Ken had already stood up from their chair and stood few meters away from us. I looked at them and shook my head.

“Guys what is the meaning of that? I only said it is contagious, I didn’t say he has it. Why are you guys running away from him?”

“Who wants to die?” Frank sarcastically asked.

“Definitely not me.” Ken answered. Both exchanged an uncaring glance. “You should better go for whatever test it is he called it. God knows I warned you against that girl.” He added and left the living room.

“This is not right. This is wickedness guys.” I shouted. “It could be either of us. It could be anybody. He made a mistake, yes, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon him. God! He doesn’t even have the disease yet. What are you guys afraid of?” I halted as a lump of guilt fell on me. My conscience was condemning me for bring it up. I should have told Eric in private but they were going to kill me for the prank I pulled on them and that was the only thing I could think of. I never thought they would take it seriously. But I should have known better, their attitude when the girl fainted should have forewarned me not to say anything. But I have, I have spilled the beans and the mess was mine to clear. I looked at Frank; his expression showed that all I said was nonsense to him. I turned to Eric, he was shivering, tears were flowing from his eyes, sweats dripping from his head down his body, his whole body was drenched in his own fluid; sweat. I felt pity for him, I felt very bad. I approached him, took his hand in mine.

“What!” Frank yelled. “You are not sleeping inside that room with me right?” he asked.

I looked at him with scorn, shaking my head; I hissed and turned to Eric who was out of this world through a devastation channel. 

 …the story continues…


I am sorry for the long gap between the last episode and this one , I had a system malfunction. Phone and PC crashed at the same time. I apologise for that. 


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