LOVE UNTOLD Episode 20

“Thony!” Eric yelled on top his voice. “Where the hell is he?” 

“In this house!” Ken answered. “He is somewhere in this house and I am going to find him.”

I felt anger in their voices, it was like a rage one feels for his enemy. The tone of the voice shook my ear and sent my heart on a race of survival plan but I was feeling excited about the whole thing. A part me felt their anger but it was overshadowed by the part which was excited about the little adventure. I heard them made sounds and I guessed they were tossing my room upside down in search of me. That gave me another kingly feeling; I have sent the most claimed wise guys in the house in search of me like I was some kind of seed.

“I know where he is.” Frank said. 

That sent jitters all over me. I knew that instance that I have been found. Frank knew my routine more than any of them and I have been expecting him to say that. I checked the inside lock of the bathroom door to make sure it was locked. I kept quiet, suspended my breath. I heard footsteps approach the door and then the door knob turned. I swallowed hard. The game was getting more intense and it was only a matter of time before I get caught. 

“I know you are in there Thony.” Frank said leaning on the door. “I am going to…” he paused. “We are going to give you the chance to surrender and get a minor beating or…”

“We break down the door and mess you up.” Ken supported with a crazy bounce on the door.

My heart skipped. “What?!” I screamed. “Can’t I have my long morning bath I peace again?”

“Don’t go acting all innocent on us okay?” Ken answered. “You know why we are here. So better come out.”

“Did you hear the shower running?”

“He is not bathing. He is hiding. He knows what he did.”

I quickly turned the shower and the rush of water created a wall of deafness between I and them.

“I think he is really taking his bath, listen, the shower is running.”

I pulled my clothes, letting the shower drench my body in an unwanted bath. By the time I turned it off, the whole house was silent, strange silent that I was sceptical coming out, but I had no choice. I have wet my body; it was only a matter of minutes before I start shivering out of cold. So I tied my towel on my waist and quietly opened the door ajar. I stuck my neck out a bit like a giraffe and surveyed the room thoroughly for my impending danger. There was no enemy at sight so I confidently stepped out, took a deep breath with a crazy and mischievous grin.

“What should I do to you?”

“Jesus!” I screamed; my heart on my mouth, my skin got covered in big goose bumps that I felt like scraping them off. I was shivering like a leaf on a tree when I rotated same manner to know who just spoke. Eric just stood, with a scowl and an annoying smile on his face peering at me like I was an unwanted criminal; maybe I was but what use would I be to him if he had scared me to death. If I disliked anything, that would be being startled. I hated it with passion. Right from my childhood I never liked it, probably because of my addiction to horror movies. My mum noticed how easily I was startled and yet how much I loved horror movies and had cautioned that I stopped watching too much of horror movies. But I could not see myself not watching at least three horror movies in a week. It was like a routine, I feel more entertained watching those character strive to survive and beat whatever dreadful villain is created for them. My lips trembled in fear. Sweats raced down my face, my back, into my spine, sending chilling feeling to my marrows. I kept shaking with my mouth ajar like I wanted to say something but lost. Eric’s scowl drifted to piteous look when he took cognizance of my horrifying state. He slowly stretched his hand and touched my shoulder. I leaped in shock and my breathing pace accelerated to its maximum. I was breathing as fast as I could yet I was suffocating.

“Hey!” Eric called out. “What is wrong?”

I was battling with oxygen like I was forcing it not to depart from my lungs even when obviously it has made my lungs its abode. I converted my hands into an artificial fan, using them to canvass as much oxygen as I could. I was choking; my breath was terminating itself, my head swollen to bursting level. I felt like I was going to die. 

“Hey calm down.” Eric pleaded. “It’s me, it’s Frank. Calm down okay?” His hand on my shoulder as he led me to the bed, I sat down leaning on his shoulder. “Calm down okay. I am here. I am here.” He cuddled me. 

I felt reassured that I was not witnessing the most horrible of horror films. Taking several deep breaths, my breathing pace normalized. My swollen head calmed down. I was about lifting my head when I felt his bare hands on my body as he tried to make me feel okay. Another crazy but sweet sensational outpour of emotion took my body hostage. I adjusted a bit, carefully to avoid sending any wrong message in order to feel his warm body; it was warm, like water mixed for a baby’s bath. I loved it, I enjoyed it. His hands on my body also did not help but escalate the whole emotion. It has been several years since I got so close to any person, man or woman. The last but failed attempt was with Cynthia. I felt a trickle inside of me when I remembered Eric’s one time comment about my cuteness and his wish to date me if I were a lady. My nerves started to remind me of my human nature, my third leg bulged, a quick and solid bulge that pushed a soft wail off my mouth. 

“How are you feeling?” he asked. His voice was more romantic than I have heard since I knew him. It was filled with care and love. Like he would not want any harm to come near me, like I was his and he was ready to protect and defend me. I nodded still leaning on his shoulder. My third leg is growing very stronger and longer and I was in mere towel which would not waste time revealing to Eric was my dirty mind was plotting. Then I thought about Eric, his hand which was softly rubbing on my body, his care and love and the tome which he asked his questions. Something was not right; I know him to be a Casanova so he definitely was not what I thought, but then again, this couldn’t have been a mere brotherly care, even Frank my right hand buddy has never been that loving and caring. In fact my body on his irritated him. The last time I tired leaning on his stomach while we both lied on the bed, he screamed in disgust with a blunt question of if I was gay. So what was Eric aiming at?  Whatever it was, it was definitely not what I was thinking and the earlier I stood up; the better for me. So I pulled off, my hands on my laps to cover the massive bulge created by my third leg. The last think I need was a self betrayal and an unintended revelation of who I really was. He looked at me with this look that got me mesmerised. How do I tell him to stop? His eyes were filled with love, care and outright feeling that you see only in movies when a guy is convincing his girlfriend of how much he loves her. I quickly looked away before the look in is eyes caged me again.

“How are you feeling?” he asked with that same voice and tone.

“I am fine.” I smiled. “Thank you.”

“You scared five years out of my life.” He said. “I got worried you might swoop on me.”

“I am sorry. I have this thing for being startled. Like a phobia.”

“I just confirmed it. I am sorry, after what happed weeks ago; I should have known better not to sneak up on you again. I just wanted to get even before other join.”

I smiled, my eyes on his face; avoiding his eyes for they were still romantically turned up. I searched for the markers, they were gone. I smiled again and looked away.

“I washed them off.” He smiled back. “That was some crazy prank. I was going to beat the hell out of you but I guess I have to postpone it.” He smiled again.

I reciprocated the smile. “You all were just wasted. God! I couldn’t think of any other thing.”

He smiled lovingly, took my hand into his and caressed it. “I am glad you are okay.”

“Someone should tell me what this dude is up to” I yelled within me while smiling at him and enjoying the warmth of his palms covering my hand. At some point I wanted to pull away but he held tightly. I looked at him; his eyes were on our locked hands. I looked at the hands; he was stroking them pleasurably while telling me how he was going to make sure the others forget any evil plan they have for me. “I don’t want you to be startled again.” He concluded with a smile, his eyes on me. Our eyes met and I pushed a smile to correspond his. We locked our eyes into each other for some time and I felt that initial tickle once again and my third leg started to rise again. I looked down on Eric’s laps, I saw a bulge, I got shocked. What is going on? Something is wrong with my sight because I can’t possibly be seeing right. Suddenly the door opened and Frank and Ken walked in.

…the story continues…


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