Smartphones in the Hands of Dumb Generation. 

21st century saw the curious and rapid rise to different technological innovations and advancements ranging from mobile phones which advance virtually every year to home appliances and even motors, not to mention fashion that has sworn to recycling of trends. Now here is the problem, I was meant to understand in my social studies class way back in my elementary school that technology is meant to improve the lives of humans. The question, very big question remains if these technologies and it’s advancements are blessings to us; improving our lives or a curse; throwing our little hard sought blessings into the endless pit of hell, with uncertainty and immorality as its slogan?

Let’s look at Mobile Phones. 
It came mobile and made immorality mobile. It came as a means to bring to life and activate the far drained communication between humans but unfortunately, that did not happen. Not only did it not happen, it brought also upon us easy and secure route to immorality. At our beck and call, in our closet, in the bus traveling, in the classrooms and dishearteningly inside the churches even, individuals engage in some nasty acts just by pressing on the data connection button on their smartphone. Internet became the chief trainer of kids at home as parents see their duties as being accomplished once their 12 year old has and know how to operate a smartphone. Thereby turning our generation into a cohort of smartphones full of dumb humans.
Immorality, like pornography and online sex(don’t ask me what that means because you know already) became a trend as one don’t have to consider the shame of going to the film house before he can have access to such sexually arousing materials. People can easily hook up with opposite and same sex through social media purported by these smartphones and therein say things they wouldn’t have said physically. These acts are in no way close to helping human race as technology was supposed to.
What about the lack in physical connection these phones have brought to us. We see no need in talking to each other or seeing each other as long as we can type “What’s up” on our social media and the person, no matter where he or she is will reply “Fine and you”.

On a date a guy could be carried away with his phone forgetting what a ‘date’ means. Same applies to ladies. We have sadly goodbye to the old good days of evening plays, folklore that bring us together as a community and neighbors. Each are tied to his or her phone where all these traditional interests are made digital and mobile.

Now what about FASHION.
Crazy and nasty fashion trends that ordinarily people would blink at are now the lead trend that if ones blinks at them, he/she is termed archaic and primitive. Girls, as always, except in an exaggerated form, pose naked, don’t even say semi naked (because to me, any dressing that exposes the vital part of anybody is equal to being unclad), take a selfie and post on social media… to know what is worst… they get million likes and thousand comments wholeheartedly commending them… (how then will they repent?)
 I was meant to understand that fame could come through social media if your pictures are liked more; fame that I still do not understand how it could make one rich or wealthy. These likes are from people who are in their public pictures well covered. This leave us to bunch of hypocrites, another evil technology has brought upon us. Why like or commend a picture or a status when you know deep within you that it is not right? (Be preaching evil through your acts on social media and let the Devil be building a blazing cool suite for you in hell)
We so many times feel that our smallest actions don’t matter but let me tell you now, they matter, YES, THEY DO. Just as the bigger and physical ones matter so also these small online activities.
Just to be clear of some imagined arguments, I am 120% in support of the technologies and it’s advancements. The people that cracked their brains, deprived their eyes of sleep and fasted from fun to provide these things have only one thing  in mind; to better human life, which in no arguments is a good feat. But we humans rather chose to worsen our conditions by making inappropriate use of these things. Technologies, especially mobile phones and computers are amoral, having no sense of their own, they act and become what we turn them into. If you make proper use of your gadgets, I don’t see any reason to kick against it.
So also is fashion. We see some celebrities dress in some skimpy dress and clothes for maybe a photo shoot or a video, clothes they will not wear outside the set,  and the next time you look around, people are flying the fashion and be feeling funky… why nah?
Let us, while trying to look nice also endeavor to look godly. In the act of trying to be famous, by whatever means and trying to utilize all the necessary goodie smartphones can dish out, let us remember that our lives must be accounted for someday. Thank you.


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