LOVE UNTOLD Episode 18

“I think he is up to something and I can only figure it out if I know how far both of you have gone.”

My shock and terror did not waste a single second in manifesting on my face and in my expression. Eric cannot know about my past with Ahmed, not any of my friends or even my foes. I had to protect that secret, I had to seal it off as it was if I were to continue enjoying the 21st century virgin that I have been. I smirked at Eric whose curious eyes were all over me. I tried to crack up a truthful lie but nothing close to truth was coming up. I scratched my head with another wild smirk. Eric’s eyes pierced through me like an arrow and reached the very depth of my soul where the lie was being cooked. I felt him made to uncover the cooking pot and I knew then that if I didn’t act that instance, he would unmask me and then it would be too late to even tell the real truth. 

“Trust me, you wouldn’t want to know.” I pulled him out of my head.

“My secondary school bestie drugged and raped his seven year old sister and I was the only person he told about it. Trust me, I have seen and heard worst.”

I gaped. That was the strangest thing I have ever heard! “That’s so creepy. How the hell is he living with that?” I tried changing the topic.

“As everyone else does with his or her past.” Eric quickly confirmed. “So tell me, what is your relationship with Ahmed.” The word flew freely out of his mouth like a soft gentle breeze but it punctured my heart and my head like a bag of nails. He was not going to give up, I knew him and I have long expected this question but when it didn’t come for days I figured he has changed from the inquisitive Eric to a more self concerned individual; but I was wrong. 

“We were close.” I gave in after minutes of contemplation. “He is a family friend, but we lost contact when he went to UK for his masters in Medicine.” 

Eric gave me a questioning stare; it’s either he wanted more or he did not believe my story. Either way, I was not going to tell him the truth and that discussion to me has ended.

“Medicine is a nice course.” I chipped in on the verge to change the topic. “Just back and already have a job. I loved Medicine, I wanted to study Medicine but I guess it isn’t my calling. Though I might still change my mind and…”

“Is that all?” Eric halted my rattling. 

“Geez!” I screamed within. “What else?” I scoffed. “That’s all. Unless there is a particular thing you want to know about him, you tell me.” I confidently replied. I was becoming too frightened to give him the impression that something was amiss.

“Nothing, unless you want to tell me about your own personal relationship with him, not the family stuff.”

He knew something; I could feel it. Ahmed must have said something to him to create such suspicion because there is nothing abnormal in two guy being close except when there are secrets lurking behind that closeness. 

“His family and my family were close. We were neighbours in the same estate. I was very close to him because I wanted to study medicine and he was the only medical student I knew that time. So I adored him.” I quickly paused. I couldn’t believe that came out of my mouth. I was talking too much and if I care less, I would end up making an implicative sentence. So I stood. “Anyway, I am hungry. Is there food?”

He was thoughtfully silent with his entire attention on me.

“This guy is crazy!” I cursed him within. “Hello!” I shouted. He startled and inhaled deeply. I studied him for a while and sat down with my eyes on him. “You said, he might be planning something, something like what?”

“What?” he retorted with this annoying feigned ignorance.

“Ahmed. You said he might be up to something and it’s only in my relationship with him that you can figure that out. What then do you think he is up to?” I reaffirmed.

“Oh!” he sighed, his hand on his head as he scratched his head like a lady who had carried a weave on for long. I boggled, my heart started beating fast. He tricked me, he knew no secret about Ahmed, he only wanted to know about my relationship with him. I got more confused and scared at the same time. Why would he be interested in such thing? He was inquisitive, truly, but this uninvited curiosity gave me a scare and while I tried to place it on something, one answer predominated my head; he knew my sexuality and knew Ahmed was my partner. I gaped. “You lied right?”

“Lie?” he asked. “No! No I didn’t lie. You know, the way he jumped in on you and Amanda can only mean one thing and…”

He was interrupted by the sudden opening of the door. Our attention and cat was interrupted by Ken and Frank as the duo walked in gaily like they have won a lottery. I felt mad and angry. Eric was about spilling whatever it was he thought he knew about Ahmed and with their entrance, that information was gone.

“Hey Lover boy.” Frank hailed as he stretched his hand for a shake. I coldly shook him and stood up. I was heading for the room when I thought I should remind Eric that our conversation was not over. I quickly returned, bent swiftly in the guise of picking my books and whispered gently to him. “This conversation is not over.” I picked my books and walked into the room.

“What is wrong with him?” Ken asked as they both watched me disappear into the room.

“He is just hungry.” Eric said.

“Oh!” Frank totted. “He is never that hungry. I bet he is hungry for something more than food.”

“Like Amanda?” Ken chuckled.

“Exactly!” Frank concurred.

They all burst into laughter. The sound of their laughter was a troubling sound to my ear and as it journeyed into my head and heart, it gave me quite an attack. I rolled on the bed trying to block my ear from the laughter and the mocking discussion they have suddenly engaged in, but the more I tired, they more my curious and frightened mind wanted to know more about what they were discussing. So I sat up quietly and listened carefully to their discussion. Eric was narrating to them about how scared I was when he jumped on me and they were laughing like it was a comedy night. I hissed and went into the bathroom for my long and spirit lifting bath.

….the story continues….


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