LOVE UNTOLD Episode 17

“Hey babe, we should get going.” The ugly boy said.

I searched on his face to see the 666 mark so I would be sure he really came from hell but I didn’t see any. I wondered then where such creature crawled out from to disrupt my happy moment. His ears were big like a famer’s straw hat. His nose was shoe sole flat. I looked into his eyes and quickly avoided them; owl’s eyes were cutest. His lips were very small like an inverted nipple. ‘What is wrong?’ I thought within. ‘This must be some genetic error. What the hell is Hope doing with this ugliness?’ I could not stop but wondered. Then he stood and stretched his hands towards me for a shake, Hope must have told him something because as I was scaling the level of his ugliness, they were busy whispering to each other in a very grossly yet romantic way. I looked at his hand and then beheld his full body. I inhaled; at least one thing was perfect about him. He was well built with biceps and triceps that clouded every man’s dream. His chest also didn’t escape the effect of gym. I shook him and his hand was as strong as the gym rod. I quickly withdrew and checked my hand for bruises.

“I get that more often.” He said.

I almost covered my ears due to his coarse yet loud voice. “I am Thony” I stuttered still wondering the crime his parents must have committed that God chose to punish them with him.

He smiled and with his hand on Hope’s waist, he dragged her out. He sure was a jealous lover. Hope turned and smiled at me, I smiled back hoping within me to see her again at least to sympathize with her on the shame she was bound with. I watched as they walked out of the lab and I quickly took my books and headed for the second lecture. 

I got off the lecture hall cracking my head to remember what the topic was. I heard everything the woman was saying but I was not listening obviously; an act that was not entirely my fault. I was confused, my attention was disbursed and my mind was terribly dispersed across all the worrisome happenings in my life. All I needed was my friend’s shoulders to cry on and yes, their laughter to get my brains jolted and working. So I hurried off the school, took a bike home. The house was as quite as a cemetery when I got home. They had earlier told me they wouldn’t be going anywhere so I guessed they changed their mind. I unlocked the door and slumped on the couch, pulled my shoes and stretched on the couch in preparation to sleep. As I lied down, my thoughts went backwards on all the incidents of that day; the clash between my past and present and the sudden revelation of my future. I unconsciously shook my head. Hope cannot be my future, not when there was an ugly hunk lurking behind her. God! I spat! How the hell did she end up with such entity?

“Is that a person you are calling an entity?” Eric’s voice startled me. 

I rolled off the couch and fell face down on the floor. My heart shifted from its cage. My lips trembled in shock. My hands shook in terror. I was alone in the house, I could swear that. How did whoever has that voice creep in without my notice? I laid there shaking, thinking about the horror movies I loved watching and the creepy things that happen in it. This was not far from them. I got really terrified when I heard footstep approaching. The thud of the feet on the floor were like a bang on a big ritualistic drum aimed for the gods alone. It shook my head and doubled my fear.

“Are you okay Thony?” Eric asked as he approached my shaking body.

I squinted at him in the most careful of ways with my heart in my mouth. I was ready for the any attack if that turned out to be what I feared.

“Seriously? You can be this shaken up?” Eric teased.

I inhaled heavily trying to calm myself. My pulse started to return to its normal pace and I could feel my heart settling back to its cottage. “That was not funny Eric.” I hissed as I finally saw his smirking face with my hand on my chest. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“I thought I was the most fearful guy in this house?” He teased even harder. “Oh my God! You could win some gold before I even smell a bronze. What were you thinking? A zombie attack? I have told you to end those horror movies stuff.”

“Common,” I cut in. I was not going to allow him pin this on my favorite movie genre though it partially was the cause. “I met the door locked and I figured nobody was at home. It was only normal I act the way I did.”

“No, it was not. You were just scared because of some crazy imagination piled up in your brains. God! I am so going to announce this to the house.”

I stared at him as he rant and tease. I picked my phone which had fallen under the couch during the scary incident and made for the room.

“How was your day anyway?” He asked. His voice was more of care than tease. It got me glued to my position as I waited for him to reaffirm that he was not making mockery of me again. “Considering your soliloquy which saw you calling somebody, well I guess it was a person, an entity, I can only imagine how bad your day was. Or wasn’t it?”

I inhaled. He was back to his senses. 

“Do you want to talk? Because if you want to, I am here.” He added.

I scoffed and turned to him. He has this smile on his face that I couldn’t stop thinking what the catalyst was. But because I needed to talk about what happened in school as it would also help me, I sat down and narrated my story to Eric, right from the time I stepped into the canteen to the time I met the “Entity.”

“Are you falling in love again?” Eric asked with this absurd look on his face.

“No!” I quickly interjected. “She was just nice. And how could I even consider that? I mean…”

“Her boyfriend is an entity.” Eric took the words off my mouth. 

We both laughed hilariously which was followed by a silence that looked like ages to me. 

“What is really your relationship with Ahmed?” Eric broke the silence with the unexpected question. 

I gaped at him as I rattled my head for an answer. 

…the story continues….


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