DAWN TO DUSK Episode 5

Catherine felt really bad and disappointed over what Helen said. She never realized or thought that she, who was trying to build her son into an empire, was indirectly ruining his life. 

        “All glitters are not gold.” She let out a soft heartbroken wail.

         “You didn’t just realize that, did you? That adage has been for ages. And you of all people should know that. I just wish I could see your husband and tell him how disappointed I am in both of you. You sold your son’s happiness for a business relationship. Now he has lost his job and God forbids, if anything happens to his son, all because you wanted to maintain your business relationship with, what is that his name again?” Helen was angry, not because of Catherine’s decision, but because of the effect her action has on her crush. She took the bucket, the mop and the glass packed in a trash can, and left the living room through the front door. 

       Catherine sat on the couch and wept profusely. She prayed for the survival of her grandson more than that of her daughter in law. She had told her husband about Queen’s act but not the part where Junior was badly wounded and has been rushed to the hospital. The husband was more than shocked hearing the disappointing side of his friend’s daughter. He was going to call his daughter in law when Catherine called him to alert him of the latest development. He became devastated. 

      Helen walked in after disposing the broken glasses just when Catherine was getting off the phone with her husband.

       “Was that James? How are they? Has he gotten to the hospital?” Helen threw in all at once. 

       “That wasn’t James!” Catherine muttered. “That was my husband.”

        Without saying a word, Helen picked his phone and dialled James’ number. The phone rang on the dining table and she became troubled. She quickly picked her bag and rushed out not telling Catherine where she was going to. She hoped he had gone to the hospital she knew; the one Junior completed his immunization in. She was about entering the taxi when Catherine called on James’ phone. She picked up and told her the name of the hospital and quickly dropped the call.

        “BrightStone hospital.” She told the taxi driver who sped off instantly having read the urgency in her voice.
            James drove faster than an ambulance all the way to the hospital. He was lucky that Lagos frustrating early morning traffic knew that his only son needed a free passage to get urgent treatment to avoid leaving the world in vexation. With tears in his eyes he felt his son’s heartbeat every few seconds. The thought of losing him was more tormenting than that of losing his job. He had gone very far from the house when he remembered that neither Helen nor his mother was with him. He checked his pocket and found out his wallet was not also with him. He figured he must have left it in the room when he had a change of clothes. He searched for his phone to call Helen, but was shocked and devastated to realize that he was not with his phone also. Fear gripped him; fear of the hospital demands and how he was going to get the doctors to treat his son first before the payment. Going back would be foolish as Junior might end up dying on the way, so he marched the clutch and headed straight to the hospital, hoping his doctor friend would be on duty, else he would have to use his car as collateral if the doctors insisted in a bills first.
         “He fell while climbing a glass table that was already cracked.” James told the doctor while Junior was being wheeled inside the theatre. He watched, and when he clearly realized he couldn’t do more, he paced along the hallway. After a while the doctor reappeared. 

        “We have stopped the bleeding, but he will need a surgery to bring out the glasses that are stuck inside of him.” Doctor Lawrence told James adjusting his roughly placed binoculars.

        “Well what are you waiting for? Do it.” James replied.

       “No Mr James, you have to make an advance payment. This is a public hospital. I can’t just…”

        “Look, I rushed out of the house; I didn’t know my wallet wasn’t with me. Just do it, I will rush home and get the money.”

      “I am sorry I can’t Mr James.” 

      “Enough! Where is Doctor Charles?”

       “He stepped out. But he is not a surgeon, and the surgery needs to be done as soon as possible.”  Doctor Lawrence advised touching yet again his binoculars.

        “Fine! Take my car.” James said handing the doctor the car keys. “Take it and do the surgery. Just save my son’s life. When I return with the money, I will take back my car.”

Lawrence looked at him for a while and saw the determination and seriousness in his eyes. He collected the keys and called the security man who was pacing on the hallway in pretence of being security conscious, gave him the keys and asked him to drive the car to the doctors’ parking lot. The security man left but quickly returned. 

      “There is a woman in the car doctor, and she is shivering unconsciously.” He announced.

       James sighed; he had taken Junior out forgetting that Queen was in the car.

        “That would be my wife.” He said. “Just take her out of the car, treat her too but not before the surgery.”

Lawrence looked at him again, this time with disappointment. Since he has no say in James’ decision, he called two nurses who helped bring Queen out of the car, while the security man drove the car away.

            After some time that seemed to James like ages, the security man returned and handed the car keys to the doctor.

        “Alright Mr James, I will just proceed with the surgery.” Lawrence said.

        “Don’t let my son die please.” James said with a hot, yet cold feeling. 

Lawrence nodded and left while Helen appeared from the reception area.

       “What is happening James? Where is Junior? How is he? ” Helen sparsely queried.

       “They just went in for a surgery.”         “Surgery? Oh my God!” Helen muttered as they both sat down on the hallway.

…the story continues… 


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