LOVE UNTOLD Episode 16

I walked past many students who were engrossed in their activities to even notice that I passed. I got to the extreme end of the lab; a place very secluded and cowered on a chair facing the wall. I released myself and let go of the pain inside. I cried bitterly. It was so painful what I was passing through. My past in back and would stop at nothing to ruin my future. My future itself was even helpful to the destruction. It’s true I never told her that I love her but I did love her and through my action I expected her to know. Why was she treating me like a scum, like it didn’t matter? Hasn’t she seen a guy who is not bold enough to say the word? Or was I the first virgin that has ever crossed her part? So many crazy and meaningless crossed my mind as I tried to understand why she was being mean to me. I was lost in my thought, my eyes were busy doing the painful job it hated to do and my heart was bent on breaking when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and it was another girl. I shivered ever harder. Why was I only attractive to girl when I am not in my best? Maybe that was why they never valued the cute and caring guy that I was. I squinted at her and instantly tried to hide my tears and moody state. I wouldn’t want the school to know me with such feat; it would be more terrible than what was done already.

“Hi” she said. 

Her voice was angelic. It got to me. I stared at her for some minute only to realize how foolish I would have looked to her. Then I turned, shook my head and wiped my eyes.

“Are you okay? You have been sitting here for some minutes, whimpering. What is the matter?”

“Minutes?” I threw back at her. I didn’t realize how long I have cried for Amanda. I quickly stood up. “Sorry, I am fine. I am fine.” I stuttered. “Thanks for checking on me but I have to go now.”

“No so fast.” She declined. “A cute and handsome boy like couldn’t just be crying for nothing. What is the matter?”

I stared at her. ‘Who is she?’ I asked myself. ‘What is she trying to do? Make me like her just like I loved Amanda?’ No! I shook my head. I needed to stop falling in love with any girl that acted sympathetic towards me, I needed to have a choice, I needed to be selective because I love this and I love that was the exact reason a mad man walks around full of stuff. As I opened my mouth to tell her to stay off, I saw her smile, her teeth was white with a gap at the centre of her incisors. I got stuck in her smile that my words suddenly flew down my belly never to return again. I stared at her with so many crazy like a timid person would a dummy in a boutique. 

“So what do you say? She inquired. I was still speechless at her glamorous mood and confidence that all I could do was smirk in confusion. “How about we go to the canteen, sit and talk about whatever it is bothering you?” she chipped in.

I jerked at the mention of canteen. I could go back to the same place where I was humiliated by the any person I loved and worst I couldn’t tell her why. I wished she would leave me alone but with the excitement on her face, I knew that option has been already stricken out of her list. I needed to go home; I needed to be with my friends, they are crazy I know but they would be in a better position to understand and counsel me.

“Alright.” She interrupted my thoughts. “I see you so much love that stool. So I am going to pull a chair closer and then we talk.”

Before I could protest, she was already sitting in front of me with her eyes resting on my face which made me even more uncomfortable. I resigned to her pressure and relaxed. She was a girl so like I have learnt, I should be able to stand tall and confident in front of any girl no matter whom or what she was. Our eyes met and I smiled.

“There.” She shouted pointing at me. “I got you. I knew there was a funny and cheerful guy lying down there waiting to be awakened. I am glad I finally woke it.”

We both laughed. I was beginning to lose the tension that bound me, the uneasiness that clinched me to the iron stool started to disappear. 

“My name is Hope.” She said as our laughter chilled a bit. “I don’t think we had a proper introduction.” She smiled.

“I am Anthony. Microbiology.” I said.

“I know the last part, Thony. So tell me, what or rather who was he or she that made you cry?”

I stalled a bit contemplating on whether to be frank or half sincere. I looked at her and her smile which rested upon me like early morning sun seemed to be pulling the truth out of my mouth. I suddenly opened up; telling her all there was to tell. I told her everything just like they happened.

“But you never told her you love her, did you?” she asked. I shook my head. I knew that alone was a big flaw on my side but I was scared of the outcome. I didn’t want to lose her friendship.

“You won’t lose her friendship; instead you will get things working just fine.” She objected. “You see this entity called girls, we like pampering and also hate bold less men. She loves you, that’s why she is acting like that. She wants you to say it so she could feel owned by a handsome guy like you. So you will call her, apologize to her and then tell her how scared you are to let her know of how much you love her.”

I gaped. From her first statement, I had been staring at her with this outmost interest, assimilating all she was saying, slipping them down my throat like a child would do a breast milk until she said apologize. I didn’t expect that because I didn’t do anything. She was the one owing me a big deal apology. She has acting all wired and strange towards me and then embarrassed me in front of the whole students, what in God’s name should I be apologizing for?

“Relationship lesson number one,” She cut in. “You must be ready to apologize even when you she is wrong.”

I stared at her, she must be a feminists. Otherwise how could she be supporting her fellow lady without even giving me a benefit of doubt? 

“If you love her, that is what you must do, but if you don’t, then don’t and both the friendship will crumble. Girls will die before they accept that they are wrong. I am a girl so I know what I’m saying.” She smiled.

Thoughtfully I bent my head. Amanda was my first closer experience with ladies. I knew nothing about girls’ behaviors and culture until I met her and following what Hope just told me, I am certain there are a lot more to learn. I smiled and thanked her for her time. I was about asking her if we could see again to maybe tell me the second lesson when a very ugly boy approached and pecked her.

… The story continues….. 

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