LOVE UNTOLD Episode 15

I was very much shocked and disappointed; more than I was when I saw Amanda that morning. Hot sweat ran down my body down my spine. I tried remembering when I told Ahmed all he just said, but I was blank. As I turned at Amanda thinking she would be mad at me for saying stuff like that about her when we both had not relay entered into any agreement but what I saw was astonishing. She was just smiling at Ahmed who has starched his hand toward her and she shook him. I got angry instantly. I had earlier made same move and she embarrassed me why was she so hasty to shake someone she doesn’t even know.

“I am Ahmed, friend of Thony. He has told me so much about you?”

“Really?” Amanda giggled like a teen whose boyfriend trickled.

“Yes. He is a nice guy. I just hope you don’t break his heart.”

“I don’t hammer in my house?” She said and both laughed.

I watched as my unwanted friend joke and laugh with my wanted friend. I felt rejected and abandoned. I looked around and people were beginning to give us this suspicious look that I hate. I bent down and gently packed my book and made to leave. Then I felt a hand drawing me back.

“Not so fast sweetheart.” Amanda said taking a grip of my hand.

Chills ran down my whole body. She was holding me and she just called sweetheart. She must be a great actress. I stepped back, dropped my books and sat down.

“Thony and I have come a long way.” Ahmed kept bluffing. “We have been thought many difficulties but we always come out survivors. Meanwhile, free medical treatment for you.”

“How do you mean? Are you a doctor?” Amanda asked.

“He didn’t tell you?” Ahmed shockingly asked. “He must be a bad friend. I work with the School clinic. I am the new doctor.”

“oh” Amanda sounded very exciting. “I should get sick often then.” 

“I will take that as a compliment.” Ahmed reposed and squinted at me. I was angry but didn’t show it. I just stood with smile which could betray even a best friend. “Are you here for a meal?” Ahmed queried.

“Oh No!” she quickly interjected. “I don’t eat in a place like this.”

She had just made that comment the second time and it got me thinking. I looked around inquisitively to find out what exactly was wrong with the school canteen that has saved my life and that of my friends for years and I couldn’t see anything. I looked at her again, with so much doubt in me. I wondered if she was the girl who lifted me up off a convenience room in a club house. I wondered if she was the same girl that gave me the very hug that made me for once feel like everything was in a standstill. It was her or rather her face because inside me I knew she was gone, that girl was gone and it was a huge problem for me. I couldn’t for a second ascertain what exactly has gone wrong, I all could tell was something was wrong and worst, I dare not ask.

“Oh I see.” Ahmed keyed into her pretentious annoying spree. “I don’t too. I only came to see my friend. Anyway, I would be going back to my office now since you two are still talking. Wouldn’t want to cut the grooming love.” Ahmed teased. I could count all his teeth and if chanced describe the exact shape of her tongue as he smiled at me. he extended her hands for a shake and I could do was stare at him, trying to fathom what he was aiming at. I know him and I know he never fancied girls, so what was he doing cracking jokes with my supposed girlfriend. Like a sting, my sense got activated and I quickly returned the shake. He smiled widely again as he walked out but not without promising Amanda a lunch.

As he left, I quietly sat down on the chair. I have messed and fooled myself enough. It was time for my self respect to have its own self respect. I couldn’t continue acting all stupid because of a girl. If she didn’t want me, so be it. After all she wasn’t the only girl in campus and I was even ready for a committed relationship.

“So?” She said sitting down. With her expression I could tell she was ready for a chat but the unfortunate thing was that I was not.

“So what?” I shunned. Cutting short her smile that was binging to cast some ice on my temper. “If you are done making fun of me in front of my friend and the whole students here, tell me. I would gladly go.”

She gave me a blank look. She was going to feign ignorance but I was not going to allow her that freedom.

“Don’t even try it. Don’t even try act like I am bluffing.” I rebuked her immediately. “You know exactly what I am talking about so don’t even act like you don’t. Anyway, what am I even doing? I brought this upon myself so I should be able to deal with it.” My voice rose, my temper too. She saw my eyes and she knew it. She knew I was in no mood for play or jokes. I looked around the canteen, people were watching with their third eyes. I didn’t care. I picked my books. “I won’t make this kind of mistake again.” I made to leave and I saw her friends scowling at me like an angry lion does its prey before bouncing on it. I hate them anyway so I cared less. I brushed my shoulder between them and made my way out of the canteen. I walked straight without looking back and headed to the lab.

…the story continues…. 
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