LOVE UNTOLD Episode 11

I and Eric entered a bike to the school medical centre. It was strange we rode there mute, normally we’d talk and laugh to every funny move anybody makes on the road. As we entered the hospital, Eric paced faster into a ward. I looked for him and I didn’t see him. I stood at the reception and called his number but he didn’t answer. After seconds, he appeared with a scary look on his face.

“Where did you go?” I asked.

“She is still unconscious.” He replied as he slumped on the chair behind him.

I was confused. “What do you expect? A miracle? You were told earlier that she could die if you don’t reveal what really happened. Now let’s go see the doctor and save her life.”

I headed towards the doctor’s office while he followed behind. I knocked and entered. The figure I saw as I opened the door gave me the greatest surprise and shock of my life.
“Thony!” Ahmed, a young handsome guy, dressed corporately which was semi covered with his lab coat shouted with a glare full of happiness. He smiled at me as he extended his hand for a handshake.

I stood there mopping at him like I have seen ghost. I never imagined seeing him again in my life talk more of being so close to him. I looked at him and I got this weird and mixed expression of disappointment and excitement. I smiled trying to hide my feelings. For what it’s worth, I figured the mission I came for, would if not anything be an easy one. I feigned a smile and shook him very hard.

“You!” I muttered. “What are you doing in my school dressed as a medical doctor?” I asked as I shook him. 

“News flash, I studied medicine.” He grinned.

“And you couldn’t tell me you were coming to work in my school?” I asked as I withdrew my hands from his.

He smiled sullenly and sat down. Looked over my shoulder and saw Eric. “Is he your friend?” He asked and I nodded.

He scoffed as he looked at both of us in an investigative manner. “I knew I will see you sooner or later. I just put on my patience garment.”

“You should have called.” I said diverting his mind from whatever that was brewing in it.

“Did you just ask that question?” His eyes fell on me like a bunch of spears. He scoffed and looked at Eric. “So, are you ready to tell us what happened?”

“I…I…” Eric stuttered. His lips trembled, full of words yet silent.

“Okay. Ahmed,” I softly called, pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. “Eric is my very good friend, and also my roommate. I was out and I came back only to hear that his girlfriend has been rushed here.”

“That is correct.” Ahmed said. “Though there is a complication. The test we run on her showed she might have suffered rape. Are you sure she is your girlfriend?” He asked with his full gaze on Eric.

I knew Ahmed and his strategy of staring at someone with intimidation; a stare that could reveal even your worst secret without a word. “That’s why we have come,” I interjected.

“Okay. So what happened?” He asked.

I coughed and adjusted my sitting posture. “Ahmed, you have to promise me that you won’t tell anybody about this.” I saw him nod. He was a man of his word, at least since we met last, so I was hoping he still has that virtue. “My friend and his girlfriend love violent sex. I guess that was why it looked like rape, and they were actually at it when the attack started. It happens often but I guess this time, it was just much.” I halted to behold Ahmed whose mouth was ajar. He did not know who to look at, I or Eric. He kept shuttling his glance between us. “Look I know this is bad but they are two adults who consented to what they are doing. I don’t think there is a crime in it. So please treat her accordingly.”

“Two adults that consented to what they are doing huh?” Ahmed muttered looking at me. “How does that go for you? How do you preach what you know you don’t believe in?

“I don’t understand Ahmed.” I was confused. I had a rough and dirty past with Ahmed but I could not relate it to what he just said. “They are in a relationship and I believe both of them agreed to this. You are hearing it because something bad happened on its course, else you wouldn’t know.”

“Yeah, you are right. I wouldn’t have know if this didn’t happen and so would no one had known id nobody said anything about it.” Ahmed was pissed; a reaction I was trying to pin on something but I couldn’t. I got scared with the crazy thought feeling he might along the line, spill the beans about our past; something I was working hard to grow over.

“Enough of this encrypted words Ahmed.” I intoned. “We are here to help my friend. Are you going to do that, for my sake?”

“Violent sex?” He muttered as he looked at Eric. “How does that even give you pleasure? Hurting your fellow human, what joy you drive from it?” He was stern in his question.

Tears docked in Eric’s eyes as I looked at him. “Ahmed please, this is me asking for your help not Eric. Just do this for me. Save that girl’s life and leave Eric to me, I can handle him.”

“Oh, really?” He chuckled angrily. “”What exactly is he to you? Your friend or your…”

“Ahmed!” I yelled. Silence stormed into the room and arrested us all. I instantly knew where he was heading to. I looked at him and signalled with a silent plead he shut whatever that was on his mind down his belly. He was irate as he stomped out of the office leaving us with no word.

“Now what?” Eric trembled. “He is going to report me?”

“Don’t worry, I got this.” I replied. “Show me the girl.”

Eric nodded and led the way out of the office.

Briskly, Eric led me to an empty ward. I looked around and found no patient or nay bed. I turned at Eric. “What are we doing here? I want to see the girl.. what is even her name?” I asked.

“She was here.” Eric voiced in a cracky tone. “I swear she was here, on a bed that was situated there.” He pointed to the right edge of the room. “I saw her before we went to see the doctor.”

I was confused as I looked at Eric and for some seconds thought him crazy. I looked outside and saw a nurse who was pacing across the room and I stooped her.

“Please, was there a patient inside this ward?” I asked her not sure of what and how to ask the question.

“Yes. A young girl that was brought in earlier today.”

“So where is she?”

“In the theatre, for a minor surgery.” She replied.

I gaped. Surgery? I got even more confused as I tried to understand what harm Eric inflicted on this girl to warrant such complicated treatment. I turned to Eric who was standing in the middle of the room like a pole.

“She is in the theatre.” I told Eric.

He inhaled and exhaled heavily. With my hand round his shoulder, I led him to the reception where we sat waiting for them to finish from the theatre.

“Where did you know that doctor from?” Eric asked after some minutes.

I looked at him and wished he would let the question go. But his look was persistent. “Ahmed was a family friend. But he travelled to UK three years ago for his masters.”

“And you didn’t know he was back let alone work here?”

“You saw the level of my shock and surprise. I had no idea of those. Anyway, he helped made our mission less difficult, I guess that was a good thing.” I smiled.

Eric scoffed with a nod. I knew he didn’t believe me but the problem at hand was more serious than asking about my past. So he leaned his head on the rest behind his chair and dozed off. I watched him sleep, so innocently and wondered how he came to be who he was. I believed nobody was born a sadist so I tried to figure what his reason might possibly be. I was lost in my thought when my phone beeped. It was Amanda and she was furious I didn’t call or message to know how she was doing. I let out a soft wail as dialled her number instantly.

…the story continues…


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