LOVE UNTOLD Episode 10

I opened my inbox and the message was not from Frank but from Amanda. I was just smiling as I read the message but the smile was erased with the last sentence on the SMS. “I know you are a virgin but its okay. It’s nothing to be shy about, you should rather be proud of it.” How could she have found out? I thought to myself. Anyway, my actions obviously betrayed me. I shrugged and sighed. She did not hate me for it and did not sound harsh which was a good sign for me; we would see very soon. I stopped a bike and went home happily though the date was not entirely what I expected.

When I got home, the house was quite, my friends were just sitting on the floor of our lounge staring aimlessly at the wall. I couldn’t come to terms of what has happened so I quietly went inside and changed my shirt. I was in the shower when I heard a noise in the room.

“How did it go?” Frank asked.
“I thought you guys have gone deaf and dumb.” I yelled from the bathroom. “Why is the house so quite?” I asked avoiding his question. I was angry still at him for not replying my message on time.

“Eric’s girl happened.” Frank said.

I quickly opened the door ajar and peeped. “How do you mean Eric’s girl happened?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t with them but Eric suddenly came out shouting but when I entered the room, the girl was fidgeting on the bed.”

“How do you mean fidgeting? Like convulsing?” I was out of the bathroom with my towel tied round my wet and soapy body bewildered on the incident that was forming before me.

“Get back inside, you are wetting the floor.” Frank yelled but I wasn’t listening. I wanted to know what happened, I wanted to know if we are in trouble so I would devise my next move. “You are not giving up, are you?” Frank asked and I shook my head. “She is epileptic.”

“What!” I shouted. My jaw dropped as I looked at Frank whose expression was that of confusion. I have never seen someone with that disease but I have read, heard and could imagine how serious and dangerous it was. “Is she still in this house?”

“No.” Frank said.

“Oh thank God!” I heaved out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t thank God yet, she is in the school clinic in a  very critical condition. If anything happen, the school might come for us.” Frank said. “Now get back inside and be sure to mop this floor, it’s my mattress you know.” He made for the door.

My anger on him subsided as I got to know why he delayed. He probably didn’t have his phone when I sent the message.

I drew him back. “How did the attack get to that level?”

Frank looked around, and then he closed the door. I instantly knew something bad happened. The silence in the house was unusual, it never happened before. “Eric was on top her when it started. According to him, he said he thought she was just responding in her own unique way till her teeth started clutching together.”

“Jesus! I told Eric to desist from his pick and drop attitude but he wouldn’t listen. Now look at the trouble he is brought on us.”

“Lower your voice, he is going to hear you.”

“So?” My face scowled. “Let me take my bath, I am coming to that sitting room.” I rushed back into the bathroom and in few minutes, I completed my bath that normally takes longer. I rushed out, dressed in my shorts and t-shirt and headed into the lounge.

They all looked at me like I just entered the house for the first time. I ignored their gaze and made myself comfortable on the couch. The silence grew to the cliff of comfort. I got restless. Something bad has happened and since we all were living in that house, I deserved to know how far the crisis has been remedied and maybe bring an idea on how to further eradicate it.

“When are you guys going to tell me what happened here today.” I opened up. I know my words were never taken serious because they feel I know nothing about relationships yet they still come to me in time of difficulty for an escape idea. “Eric I am asking you. What happened between you and your kill?”

“Kill?” Ken was shocked. “You too have started using vulgar words. So much for a day.”

“I don’t. I am just making reference to what Eric said earlier.” I quickly replied.

Ken looked at him and shook his head. He was also flirty but not like Eric. “Awesome! You actually brought this on yourself.” He said angrily.

“What does that mean?” Eric flared up. He stood up and I got to finally see his face. He was sobbing, tears docked in his eyes like a lake yet refused to flow. I have never seen him that hurt and sober since I knew him. “You were there when I met her this morning, how could I have known she was sick?”

“Of course you could have known, but you should have known to keep your little man locked up in your briefs. I vividly remember telling you to let the girl go but you insisted. Now look what you have brought on us.”

“Don’t even try to preach to me Ken,” Eric bounced back. “I can take anybody’s opinion on this except yours. You are no saint as regard to this. So quit the self righteous sermon.”

Frank stood by the wall, meters away from we are watching us like he would a James Bond movie. I saw in his eyes fatal resignation, he must have tried talking and Eric must have attacked him just as he was attacking Ken. I figured they must have been doing a whole lot of judging to warrant the shunning from Eric, else he wouldn’t out of ordinary shut off a friend who wanted to help him out

“Alright Enough.” I roared with a commanding tone. “Enough of this girlish act. We have serious issue which could land us all in the jail and all you could do is batter words like market women.”

“I am not going to jail for anything.” Ken muttered. “I was not the one who invited the girl neither was I the one who slept with her.”

Ken has always been like that. He never believed in fraternity; a belief that manifests only but when there is an issue, in good times, he would be the first to remind you of the fraternity. “Anyway,” I ignored what he said. “Eric what is the doctor saying? There is hope right.” I asked concealing my fear.

Eric looked at me and shook his head.

“The chances are 50-50 unless I tell them what  she was doing when the attack began.”

I gaped. That was a big no. Nobody was going to say something like that in the  public. How could he even start telling the doctor that he was having sex with her when the attack started? He was not her boyfriend and has no intention of dating her so if he ever made that truth known, then it means he would accept the responsibility as her boyfriend. Crazy thought clustered my tiny hot brain as I glanced at all of them. It was obvious our thoughts were mutual.

“So what now?” I asked. I needed them to know that I was as confused as they are, perhaps even more.

“I don’t know, I just know that I am not telling anybody I was making out with her. That is not an option.” Eric slumped down on the single sitter couch behind him.

“Would you rather she die? If you don’t tell what really happened, she would die and since you are the one that took her to the hospital, you would be the one to suffer it. You will be arrested for murder and sent to jail. Your freedom will be limited and some bad guys will pour their year’s sex starvation on you. You will become…”

“Stop it! Stop it!” Eric yelled. “You are freaking me out. I am not going to jail and I am not telling the doctors what happened.” He jerked off the couch. Exactly the reaction I’d expected. I smiled hideously.

“Well you don’t have to. I will do it. I will tell the them what happened” I said.

“What?” Frank jumped in. He hurriedly paced towards me. “You sure are not getting yourself involved in this tragedy. You don’t even know exactly what happened in there. Look, this case is not as simple as you thought, had it been she is conscious now, she could easily defend Eric, but if you rat this out, the doctors might think it was a rape.”

“Why would they think that?” I asked.

The room got silent again as I looked around in confusion. I couldn’t understand why they all suddenly went mute. I looked at Eric and he lowered his head. A thought suddenly hit.

“Oh my God!” I softly let out. “It’s not true right?” I asked Eric but he never looked up. I sighed. I couldn’t believe something like that has been going on under my nose and I took no notice of it. The next time I took a gaze at him, he was irritating me. How could he subject his fellow human to such torture all because of his own pleasure? And to think girls submit to such devilish act baffled me the most. I wondered how that came to rest in his head and turn into a source of pleasure. He never struck to me as a sadist; he was a jovial fellow. I wanted to give up, I wanted to resign and leave him to his cross just as other have but my conscience wouldn’t let me. He was my friend and I wouldn’t effortlessly watch on a friend fall without extending a helping hand.

“She is you girlfriend.” I said with hope he was listening to me. “And if the doctor suggests rape, you tell him that is how you guys love it; rough.” I couldn’t believe I said all that. I couldn’t believe I was helping a devil escape a fire he deserved. He slowly and pitifully looked at me. “But when this is over, you and I will have long intense discussion. But for now, let’s go see your kill.” I said with an irritating emphasis on the ‘kill.’

Frank and Ken were dumbfounded. They seem to be stupefied by my action. They did not fathom why I would want to risk my life for someone who always made jest of me for being a virgin. I saw the disappointment and shock on their face but it didn’t stop me from leaving the house with Eric who was very much elated though scared and troubled. 

….the story continues…


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