Eric headed towards the sitting room, I entered the other room with a frowned excitement on my face. Frank had already woken but was tiredly sitting on the bed rubbing his eyes seriously. It was Friday, a lecture free day for us excluding Ken; a choice he hated with all his life. He couldn’t stop to wonder each day after school the adventure we must have engaged in while at home. And as for us; the day normally passes sleepy, unless Eric brought in one of his “kills”.

“If you don’t stand up from that bed I am going to Baptize you the second time!” I yelled at him as he looked at me with his semi closed eyes. I wasn’t sure he saw me, but if he was, the vision of me must be blurred or maybe double because he kept shaking his head like an albino under the sun. “Fine! I will do my worse.” I declared to him and walked into the bathroom.

“Hey! I am awake oh!” He shouted. I laughed from the bathroom. “Were you really going to pour water on me? On the mattress?”  He asked.

“There is always sun to dry it.” I said coming  out of the bathroom.
He yawned, shook his head and stood from the bed. I knew he was hungry and I was not ready to condone his hunger so I pretended like I didn’t see him. He yawned again, this time loudly and towards my direction. It was crystal clear he wanted to draw my attention; an attention that has already been drawn but neglected.

“She is here.” I tried to confuse him. “Eric’s kill is here.”

He looked at me surprisingly and dashed out of the room. I was shocked and wondered if I have said something bad. His reaction was rather too strange than expected. I shrugged and slumped on the bed. My eyes went on a quick scan of the room and my gaze caught the signs on the wall clock hanging just opposite our bed. I silently screamed and jerked out of the bed. What was I thinking running errands for Eric at the detriment of my own appointment? It was already three-thirty and from what Frank had once told me; it is wrong to keep a girl waiting on a date,  especially on the first date. I ran in cycle inside the room in a confused maze of mind.  I sniffed my armpit and shook my head. I was ready to just wear my clothes and rush out if not that my armpits were smelling and I needed to look handsomely smart. I pulled off my shorts instantly and ran inside the bathroom. For the very first time I had to rush a bath. Frank always prayed that he takes his bath before me because I take my time to bath yet I always enter first because I hate wet bathroom; battle of choice. As I scrubbed my body in what seemed rather too fast and unfocused, I heard Frank call my name as he entered the room. He was hungry and needed a help in the kitchen.

“I am sorry that service would be unavailable till late in the night or maybe tomorrow morning.” I screamed from the bathroom for him to hear. He must have heard me because I didn’t hear a word again. Hurriedly I continued scrubbing. Scrubbed with wild imaginations of what the date would be like, how I am going to compose myself not to make a fool of myself and of course create an everlasting good impression. Then I remembered when Frank went on his first date with his girlfriend; both came home that night and we evacuated the room for them. I just believed that what I had in my mind happened that night because Eric and Ken hailed him the next morning like he just killed a lion yet they were careful not to mention the specie of the lion he killed. My imaginations controlled my belief that morning. Would that happen between me and Amanda? Would it be too fast? Maybe she would find it insulting if I make a move? And the last thing I wanted was to piss her off. No! I am not going to make any move and if she does, I will decline it,  I concluded in my heart as the shower washed away the foam on my body. I stepped out of the bathroom, towel tied on my waist and a song on my lips. I sang like I was on some kind of Idol competition audition. No hiding, I was happy but mostly excited. I could fell butterflies dancing to the rhythm of my song in my stomach. It was like I could use the toilet. I paused the song and stayed quietly at a position. With several casual and forced respiration I calmed myself down. I applied my cream gently as I never did before. I was careful to brush my hair revealing the sporting waves on my clean low cut which I lucky had the day before. Then I opened the wardrobe and pulled out my black trousers; the best of all, then I accompanied it with a white shirt that was adorned with red lines on the collar and the cuffs which I gad earlier taken from the other room. I dressed up, tucking in my shirt carefully and perfectly for smarter look. I advanced to the mirror and what I saw was marvelous. I was looking extremely handsome that I was tempted to wonder if the mirror has stopped being truthful. I smiled at my fine figure that was reflecting on the mirror. I knew what happened; I took time dressing up, starting  from applying cream which I normally do carelessly to the brushing of the hair and the careful selection of the shirt. I smiled again and I pulled out my Paul Smith shoe which I had earlier cleaned and polished before going in for my siesta. I slid my legs inside and moved to the mirror again. Smile arrested my lips again as I did not only grow taller but also more handsome. I pulled out my wallet and checked for the cash inside,  it was more than enough. I nodded and slid the wallet inside my back pocket. I admired myself for the last time on the mirror and when I felt I was good to go, I turned to beheld Frank mopping at me in surprise mixed with shock.

“Who are you?” He asked looking at me like a stranger. “And where is my friend?”

I smiled. I knew he was shocked and surprised; I felt that myself. “Calm down, your friend will just return back to you in good shape.” I replied walking  towards him. “But how do I look?”

“You look terrific. I hope my friend learns one or two things from you before he returns.” Frank said as he handed a pristine white handkerchief to me. I couldn’t believe that I have forgotten to pick one myself. I collected it and thanked him.

“Ain’t you going to wish me luck?” I asked as I leave the room.

“Well you look and sound more confident than my friend. He is the one that needs such wish not you. You are good to go.” He said adjusting my shirt. I smiled and walked out into the sitting room, as I entered and did not see Eric or his girl, I rushed back into the room. “Where are they?”  I asked.

“It’s very bad to keep a lady waiting.” Frank twisted my question.

I looked at my wrist and suddenly remembered that I had no watch on it. I exclaimed and thanked Frank for reminding me indirectly. I rushed into the room, picked my watch and zoomed off.

Three-forty five pm and I was still in a taxi. I only resisted the temptation of letting the driver run into a crash for not pushing and shouting at him to accelerate the speed of his car. Luckily for me, I entered the garden just few minutes before four. I scanned the room with my ever glittering eyes and Amanda was nowhere to be found. I inhaled, adjusted my shirt which was beginning to rumple and walked towards a well set table. I called on the waiter and ordered a bottle of water which he served me with all ease and quickness. I sipped the water while anxiously waiting for my date. After some minutes of wait, I looked at my watch, it was ten minutes past four. I started to drench more in the anxiety engineered sweat that were dropping off my face and from my back down my spine. She couldn’t have forgotten. It was a date and I believed she must remember if she has any molecule of feelings for me. Not wanting to entertain the wild scary thoughts in my head, I brought out my phone and sent a WhatsApp message to Frank alerting him of the current lay of the land. He replied that I should stay calm and wait as girls are naturally late. I asked if I should call her but Frank warned that I don’t, no matter how bad I feel. I agreed to his advice as I saw him as an authority in such issues. Feeling like a moron sitting in a garden with just a bottle of water in front of me, I ordered for a pack of Chivita Juice which like the water was served very fast. I loved the garden and it’s waiters. They were properly educated with professional etiquettes. I sipped my juice with ease, relaxing my mind with it’s chill that traveled through my brain, down my marrow every time I took a sip. It was refreshing that I was almost forgetting what brought me initially to the garden. After several sipping and waiting for Godot, I took a glance at my watch; an action that I avoided for some time. I was shocked to know what the time was; past five and Amanda was not even close to the garden nor deemed it fit to call. I felt heartbroken. I stood up, called on the waiter, settled my bills and made for the door. As I stepped out of the garden, with rage boiling in me like water on a gas,  I saw Amanda coming down a taxi with much fastness as her charming and beautiful body could condone. I stood in and stand still watching her shout at the driver to find her balance as she was late. I watched her leave the balance for the driver and rushed towards the garden. As she advanced towards me, my anger, like flush of toilet washed away. Smile kidnapped me as brightness grabbed my face.  She was perfect, perfect in all you could think of in a woman. She looked up, saw me and her countenance changed. She was remorseful, sorry and felt bad for keeping me waiting. I did not need to ask her as her expression yelled it. I smiled at her to lighten her up a bit as our eyes met. She smiled slowly revealing those good dentition that I couldn’t resist. I felt Goosebumps all over me as I smiled back. She drew closer and hugged my shocked body which stood still smiling like I just won a lottery. The hug was soothing; it melted away all the remaining sorrows, sadness and anger in me. I hugged her real tight as she was nowhere close to break the hug. For some minutes we stood in front of the garden in a long innocent hug. Slowly she broke the hug, looked at me. “I am sorry I…”
“Shhhhhh!” I shushed her with my finger on her lips. “Just hug me.”  I added and she hugged me again. Her body I must confess was warm and I loved it.

…the story continues…


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