Cyber bullying: A Murder Without a Knife or a Gun.

Days ago I talked about ranting your opinions on social media aggressively to people who actually do not care,  and how that leaves everyone pissed and bittered. If you missed it, you can still read it here.  Social Media Arguments: Educative or Demoralising. 

So today, like I promised,  I am going to talk about the faction of human that actually views these aggressive comments as important. 

The world is made up of different kinds of people and so is their emotional intelligence. Some of us have this okra skin and mindset that nothing, no matter how hating or insulting it is, never dents our emotions or make us sad. We are fortunate to see life for the rite of passage it is. We format our minds to neglect everything that doesn’t matter. We are the kind that take insults lightly with an it’s nothing statement and a heartfelt smile. People’s opinions about our lives and beliefs have no place on our priority list…because(not like we are rude)  we don’t really care. We know what we want and our minds have been fashioned to go for it. 

But what about the other faction, thoes with skins adorned with magnets and greased with gum. Everything matters to them, every comments and opinions is worth considering. All suggestions are worth trying.(it’s horrible). These people are the emotionally unbalanced, the feeble minded, the please them all group, the ever hurting and confused people. We that unfortunately inherited these sad traits from the biological race of paternity care so much about people’s opinions and so live our entire lives thinking on how to please everybody, even that stranger who sat beside us on the bus who is bold and arrogant enough to tell us that the we should have worn red on top our blue jeans instead of white.(we actually alighted at the next bus stop and head back home to change. :|)

We are the main victims of cyber bullying, we are the victims of domestic violence (not the type that has been solely attributed to women alone), but the violence where all we do is to please a family member, we are never happy because we are not living our life, we are living other people’s life, struggling and going out of our ways, doing things we normally will not do just to live up to someone’s expectations. 

Jennifer no longer comes online because Esosa her boyfriend whose  sister is fat created a new profile only to hurt her. Last week, the attack got intensified with him telling her she is ugly because she is fat, that no man would want her, that her life is messed up. She cried and begged him to stop but he insisted he was telling the truth. Feebly she asked for his opinion, he bluntly yet jokingly told her to diet or rather kill herself. He shows the chats to his friends and they all laugh at it over some bottles of beer. Two weeks after,  a news came online that Jennifer has been hospitalised. She had tried dieting and when she didn’t get the fast results she wanted she cut her wrist…doing the two things you asked him to do. Thank God she is surviving while he sits beside her on the hospital bed meditating on his uncalculated help that went wrong. 

I know I am supposed to tell the feeble minded to be strong, to be courageous and know what the want, which I just did, but then again, such trait is not as easy as turning on the coffee machine and having coffee fill your cup. It takes time and with our demoralising  words it will take longer. 

Murder is not only when you thrust a knife into someone’s heart or cause a bullet to locate the person, unkind words, hurting and spiteful words which kill the soul is also murder, and trust me, that is the most easy way to kill and many of us have in one way or the other killed a friend. 

We all should be mindful of our words, it doesn’t hurt to think twice before hitting the keyboard, it doesn’t hurt to be lovingly considerate before typing. It doesn’t hurt to care about people’s feelings.. It only hurts not to. 

And for thoes who think it’s possible to please everyone, I am telling you now that it is not, it never was and will never be. It’s just like that…nature I guess. You just have to find what you want, within your soul, deep down in your heart and go for it. Don’t ever compromise your happiness  for anything or anyone. Your happiness first before anyone or anything. Do this and you will find out that being ugly, fat or handicapped arenothing but physical offices that need not be equipped. Focus on what you have inside of you and your potentials when manifested will speak beautifully of you. 

P.S.  I am not saying we should not make criticism, of course we should correct our friends,  tell them the truth about their lives, but maturity is being constructive while at it. Don’t do it with hate, to spite or to show how more knowledgeable you are. Do it instead for love. This world is massively big to accommodate everyone,  why take another down when your legal jurisdiction is already too big for you. 

LOVE for us. 


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