Social Media Arguments: Educative or Demoralising. 

Years ago, during the prime years of social media, they were good and  responsible places to be, topics were discussed by the few intellectuals who could afford the device that gives access to them and who understand the importance of well researched information and the negative effect the fake ones have on the masses. Those were the days when the popular phrase, a problem shared is a problem solved was nothing but the truth. Fellows, who could not singlehandedly solve their personal problems make it a status on Facebook asking for the easy way to go about it and possible solutions are given in form of comments and the owner of the status goes home happy. 

Fast forward to now, the shattered 21st century where no one cares about morals or virtues, all that have changed. Problem shared is no more a problem solved…rather a problem intensified. Different calibre of humans possessing strangely different unimaginable IQs, who do not care about other people’s feeling (I don’t even know if they care about theirs)  have flooded the once comforting walls of social media, corrupting with tragic and insane nasty measures, the initial pristine intention of these media. 

An  update that requires educational and constructive argument end up having a silly and insultive debate that leaves the participants gloomy and bitter. Citizens engage in oral politics, rant about everything government in the bid to provide solutions yet they end up cursing and insulting each other,leaving the page or group even more hurt and bittered than they come. Supporters of various political parties, ethnic groups, schools and sports fans insult themselves more than they discuss about issues concerning them. At the end, friends unfriend friends.(Facebook has made that easy and less heartbreaking) The ones that managed to stay end up not talking for some time, and when next they come together, history repeats itself. 

I am pretty sure that wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s intentions when he conceived the idea of Facebook. Let us try, even if by 50% to adhere to the initial purpose of these media.. Make friends, new and old ones alike. (some have realised their dreams through such friends and I believe they didn’t do that by arrogantly disagreeing to every topic their scroll bumps into). Have fun and make a reasonable contributions… Only to the things you have knowledge of. You must not comment on everything you see…there is no award for that. And finally, respect all no matter how their profile looks like… You really do not know who is who. You might just be insulting the man who is going to sign a contract for you tomorrow. You know how that might possibly end and no one wants it. 
Life is hard already, don’t make it harder by the  public display of your cheap and inadequate aggressive behaviour… No body actually cares. And for the few that care…well that’s a topic for another day. 


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