As the bar man brought the Don Simon Paul ordered, he also came with four glasses. Gently and cautiously he placed them down in front of us dividing the glasses amongst us.

“We have a saint amongst us.” Paul told the barman. “So take back one glass.”

The bar man looked at me and smiled. He had heard me reject the Chivita Juice and instantly derived that I was the saint. “I also don’t drink.” He smiled at me again. “Guess we are meant to be friends.” He added as he stared strongly at me. I blinked and took my attention off him. The stare was awkward and weird but I didn’t entertain the thought of what might be behind it. Paul uncorked the Don Simon and started pouring inside his glass. As he finished, others followed did same.
“Don’t keep us waiting dude.” Frank said reminding me why they had ordered for the drink. “Out with it.”

I really did not know what to tell them because I too knew nothing about the girl aside her name and the fact that she has two friends that seemed not to like men or maybe me in particular. I scourged my mind thinking of a better way to feed their ears because I knew they would never stop till they have heard something, even if it was a lie.

“Her name is Amanda.” I finally opened up. “And do not ask me more about her because I know anything else.” I quickly added.

“I am even surprised you get to know her name.” Ken joked. They all laughed. That was not the first time they make that kind of joke so I was not bothered. I was just eager to go home, lie on my bed and fantasize about Amanda.

“We should start going home. The party is over.” I told them.

“Relax dude.” Frank told me as he sipped his drink. “We have got like an hour to stay here. Just tell us more about your new girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” I protested. “She is just a friend.” I emphasized. And on a second thought I muttered. “I doubt if I should even call her that.”

“Stop it guy!” Ken cut in. “I saw the way she was looking at you. She is in love with you. And believe me if you mess this one up, I will hook you up with a gay guy.”

“Jeez!” I screamed as others laughed.

“Oh!” I heard from the bar man’s side. I looked at him and he was still staring at me. I became uncomfortable. My thoughts about him were beginning to run mad. “There is nothing wrong in that.” He added still looking at me.

“Are you crazy guy?” I questioned him with a bunch of irritation. My friends found his statement hilarious as they laughed except Frank and I. It was irritating to me and Frank too I guess. I had to shun him off in case he was gay and maybe thinking anything silly. The laughter that ensued from my friend even got me more annoyed. I thought of the better way to dismiss them to avoid further embarrassment.

“Alright. We are going to meet again.” I finally said. “Can we go home now?”

“Not so fast dude. We are on a table. Cann’t you see?” Paul said as he gulped down the drink in his glass.

I knew that instant that I was never going to get them to change their mind about going home till they finish their drink. So I sat uncomfortably and listen as they made jokes and create memes with me and Amanda. Ken even got far to imply that I might not even know where and how to kiss if I finally wanted to try. They all laughed but the laughter of the bar man was what drew my attention. He laughed as if what he heard was different from what was said. I scornfully looked at him and he baited his eyelids. It was disgusting. This guy is gay, I instantly concluded, and since my friends has given him the impression that I am not into any girl yet, he must have thought his net has gotten a big fish. I needed to make him stop; I needed to prove to him that he has got the wrong guy. I stood abruptly and walked towards the other end of the bar section. I could be shy yet very outspoken especially when it comes to irritating issues just like this. I waved at him. He quickly turned with a smile.

“One bottle water please.” I ordered. My friends were drunk so I was pretty sure they did not see what was happening. The bar man quickly brought the bottle water with a glass cup. He placed them before me.

“I am Sam.” He said with a smile.

“Alright Sam” My tone changed and my expression followed suit. He was not dumb not to notice the sudden frown on my face. “Now listen up. The next time you look at me that way, I will get you arrested for making me uncomfortable.” I honestly did not know what I was saying but I needed to scare him and with the way he looked at me, it looked like my plan was working. “I am not gay okay, so just back off.”

“Common dude” he tried to be friendly. “There is nothing wrong in trying something new. You finally get to be your fellow guy with no shame. It just as normal as…”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “You are lost already. Have you no conscience? No religious fear? This is a sin, it’s abnormal. Honestly you need to get a life.” I scolded him. My voice was raised that it drew the attention of my friends. “Get a deliverance dude. It will do you a lot of good.” I said as I left him with the bottle water I had ordered. I was mid way to where my friends were when I remembered that I had ordered for a bottle of water. I turned and shouted at him. “You can take the water back; it was just a way to get your attention.” He stood looking at me. He must be embarrassed, well so I thought because the look on his face said so. I got to where my friends were and told them that I needed to get home because of the time.

“Look at him.” Ken said. He was so drunk that I can barely hear his words. “He wants to go home and start fantasizing about Amanda.” He added. They all laughed. Honestly, he got it right. I wanted to go home because of time quite alright but mostly because I wanted to sleep with the fresh memories and thoughts of Amanda.

“Whatever be the reason, let’s just go home.” I said again pulling Frank up. Paul nodded in affirmative and called on the bar man who came out with a morosely look and collected his bill. We all walked out of the club with Frank leaning on me.

“I saw you with that barman.” Frank whispered to me, the smell of alcohol that oozed out his mouth was terrible and chronic I had to close my nose with my right hand. “Steer clear from him, he is gay.” He smiled drunkenly adjusting his hand that was around my shoulder for support. I was amazed on how he knew the guy was gay but more shocked on why none of my friends ever mentioned anything about that. I knew they all saw me and must have thought some silly and weird thing but why did they not tell me or warn me about the guy. Trying not to get angry, I waved out the thought on the ground that they might not know what the guy really was and must have seen the conversation as a harmless one. We stopped a taxi and I helped Frank inside the back seat and quickly occupied the front seat. I allowed them to stay together at the back because of their similar condition.

“Avalon Lodge.” I told the taxi driver and he drove off.

….the story continues…


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