I lied on the convenience’s floor helplessly like a drunk. My unconsciousness was not wholly as I could hear faint voices; maybe she had shouted and drew people’s attention. I regained my consciousness but the fear of the supposed crowd made me lie down still. After sometime, I felt water on my face. I wriggled and slowly opened my eyes. She was there, all alone with a scary look on her face. I peeped around and nobody was there. I opened my eyes, looked at her and saw tears docking in her eyes. As I sat up, she inhaled. “Thank God you are okay. You scared ten years out of my life.”
“I am sorry.” I muttered as she helped me up. I was surprised at the quietness of the room, I could swear I heard voices while unconscious; but perhaps it was all in my head. I thought about asking her but I was not to sure of what her reaction and understanding would be. “Thank you for saving me.” I shook the thoughts off my mind.
“Do not thank me.” She said with a smile; a smile that revealed her white teeth and good dentition with a gap between her two incisors. “I literally caused  you to faint. It was only nice I resuscitate you.”

I was lost in the beauty revealed by her awesome dentition. She was perfect, perfect in everything that matters in a woman. If only I was confident enough, I would have told her what was on her mind. “We should leave here before somebody sees us here.” She said. She knew I was starting at her and she needed a way out.

I got the message so I nodded at her, “Ladies first.” I said; a phrase I learnt from Frank. She smiled as she walked towards the door and started unbolting the door.

“You locked the door?” I asked. “Why?”

“I didn’t think it was wise to let somebody see you in that state.” She replied as she struggled with the bolt. Without saying a word I stretched my hand towards the bolt so as to help open the door, I was hoping she’d withdraw her hand but she did not. Our hands met and we both looked at each other. I saw in her eyes a passionate look as my adrenaline started to pump at its peak again. I quickly withdrew my hand because fainting the second time would defiantly not send a welcoming message to her. “Sorry!” I intoned almost inaudible.

“It’s okay.” She smiled as she slowly took off her hand from the bolt.

I had to smile back to make her feel alright but mostly to ease off the tension building inside me. Then I unbolted the door and with my left hand I ushered her out.

We stepped into the club and I was overjoyed that my hours of terror have finally passed. I was hoping she’d go back to her seat so I could continue my staring game,  but no, something bigger was on the way because she suddenly halted and turned at me. My mind skipped and I sluggishly stopped.

“I am Amanda.” She said looking directly into my eyes. I was captivated by the charming and glittering eyes that I didn’t behold the hand she stretched forth for a handshake. I stood like a moron as I stared sheepishly at her. I didn’t think I was supposed to do something other than stare. With her eyes gazed on mine she redirected my attention to her hanging hand.

“Oh!” I sighed as I quickly thrust my hand inside hers and with the same level of quickness; if not higher, I withdrew it. She looked at me like she was expecting me to do or say something. I got confused as I try to fathom what that could be.

“And you are?” she said knowing that I was totally lost.

“I am Thony.” I said feeling embarrassed. Despite the fact that I was a shy person, normal introduction is what every civilized individual should know its rudiments. I was civilized so I was expected to know. “Thanks for that stuff.” I teased trying to cover my embarrassing act.

“Do you mind telling me why you swooped?” she asked amidst laughter.

I got lost the umpteenth time. What do I tell her? That I have been staring at her or that her touch swayed me off my feet?

“I was feeling a little light headed before you came. I guess I just lost it then.” I lied, an action I hated most. “But thank God an angel like you was there to save me.” I added. The sound of that word ‘angel’ kept ringing in my head, I was astounded as I could not believe the word came out of my mouth, in front of a girl even.

“I am glad I could help.” She said with a smile.

I nodded as I looked around; my friends were staring at me from a corner. They must have seen me with the girl and decided not to disturb me; an action I wished they never did. I was trapped and I needed a rescuer. Amanda was enjoying the discussion but I was sweating down in my pants.

“You are a student I guess?” she asked as she looked at my eyes again. She must have seen something she love in there.

“Yes.” I replied. Her next question was my department and I answered her almost immediately in an official manner. Hoping she would go because the conversation was getting stretchy and I was not finding it funny. I had to end it before I faint again.

Suddenly her friends rushed at her. “We have been looking everywhere for you.” One of them said after scanning me from head to toe.

“And who is this?” Another asked with an unwelcoming tone.

“He is my friend.” Amanda said. “His name is Thony, Thony meet my friends.” She added waving at them

I waved at them with a smile which they did not respond. I concluded that it was either they don’t smile or they don’t like me. Nevertheless I was glad they came; my rescuers.

“This is Juliet and this is Eve.” Amanda concluded her introduction.

“Let’s go please. The driver is waiting for us.” Eve said dragging Amanda away.

“Let him wait. Can’t you see I am talking to somebody?” Amanda queried. Obviously she did not like the attitude her friends were putting up. “When do I see you again?” she asked me.

“Anytime.” I stammered. She stretched forth her phone; I collected it, for once I acted civilized; I quickly input my number without being told and gave her back.

“I will call you.” She said collecting the phone. “And be careful not to let that stuff happen again.” She teased and walked away with her friend whose anger and discomfort were not hidden.

I chuckled and heaved out a sigh of relief as I watch her leave. Suddenly I heard a  applause behind me, I turned and it was my friends. “What is it?” I asked,  angry they did not show up when I needed them most.

“I would have killed you if you didn’t exchange number with that girl.”  Frank said as he threw his hand around my shoulder.

“To be clear please,” Ken started. He was the third of my friend, a tall guy who due to his membership in the church’s choir, loves gesticulation so much. All his words are further explained with gesticulations just as they do in the choir. With his hand flipping around and making a map-like design in the air, he continued his question. “Did you two actually come out of the male’s convenience?” he asked.

I gaped. I didn’t think anybody saw us come out. I looked at Frank and Paul; they were also staring at me for answers.

“No!” I screamed. “Why would you say that?”

“Because I saw you too walking out from there in a high spirit.”

“Did it happen?” Paul asked me with a mischievous look on his face. He loved girls so much and all his thought about them were sex. I kind of distanced myself from him because of that. “Do not lie oh! We are brothers here. No secrets!” he intoned.

“Stop it.” I said breaking from Franks hold. “Nothing happened. We were just talking.” I said as I walked to the bar and sat.

“Just talking? Dude that girl was all over you, she is in love with you.” Frank said sitting beside me “I don’t want to believe you naivety has caused you your sight too!” Frank added.

“Who is she?” Ken questioned with so much authority.

I looked at them one after the other and sighed. They were all seated waiting for my explanation. Paul called out to the bar man for drinks and kindly ordered a Chivita juice for me. I hissed. That guy can be funnily annoying sometimes. I declined the offer though with an excuse that I have taken one before.

“Alright start talking.” Paul said and I chuckled.

….the story continues…


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