Emeka and Chima…They both are lying!! 

21st century life is a mistake that will take another century  or more to fix considering the damage Social media and other lying-aid apps introduced to us have done.  People present themselves in a way they desire to be, a fanciful and fantasy kinda way, a way far different from their true self which has been shoved down their bellies.

Then you,  a recent graduate wakes up after two years of trekking the streets with your Brown packed envelope in futility log onto Facebook or instagram to see that dumb classmate of yours posing inside that car you just saw its advert on your timeline that same morning(latest model).  You shake your head and continue scrolling like that didn’t happen. Few scrolls and you see him again, in a well designed executive office all freshen up. WTF! You scream and quickly scroll up to once again look at the first picture.

Then you hibernate yourself. Emotions rise and anger crawl in. How did that happen? How did Emeka get a job before you? He was one of the dumb students back then, you even went for service before him because he had series of carryovers. You also heard while serving that he finally graduated with a “certificate of attendance”.
Then you get mad, lock your phone and lay on your bed using the next two to three hours to whine and worry about Emeka who logically shouldn’t make it before you.  You become ashamed of yourself…after graduating with 2:1 you are still sweating from office to office where your neatly packed CV is used to wipe morning coffee off the Secretary’s table. You stop posting thoes averagely handsome selfies you get after taking two hundred and one shots  on Facebook and instagram. You can’t let them know you are still struggling to make it. Better if they are guessing than knowing the truth.  You thought about the easy way out, any option that will make you  hammer like Emeka. Days add up to weeks and weeks head for months yet no idea or even luck on how to hammer. 

As weeks finally clock a month, you decide not to hide anymore, not because you have made it but because you have learnt about the application that makes lie easy..the professional photoshop. You also learnt you can take a good shot while sitting in the conference Hall waiting for the HR Officers to come and interview you, and also take cute shots sitting on the bonnet of your neighbour’s repainted old model Camry while he rushes in to pick his wristwatch  and post them on Facebook and instagram and tag it God has done it, Life is good or whatever you think will make the likes of Emeka know that you have also arrived.  So you post the first lie and get so many complimentary comments and likes. It feels good, you do it again, again and again and it all feel good. You continue to enjoy the pretentious fame till that fateful day when you get a shocking message from Emeka asking you for money to buy recharge card so as to call his girlfriend who is threatening to break up with him. Your eyes pop out of their sockets as you try to read the message over and over. This can’t be happening! You tell yourself and proceed to tell Emeka to stop mocking you. He asks again, this time sternly, but you insist he should stop mocking you. He stops. You respire heavily, lay down and wonder what exactly is happening. A message beep from a close friend who knows your struggle jolts you up and you reads….Chima you no tell me say you don get job. E no good ooo. Anyway congratulations. Where you dey work?

You freeze. He is not  a person to lie to.  You struggle with your conscience for some hours and finally tell him the truth. He laughs at you and concludes with So you don dey do like that stupid Emeka. 

You are shocked. You ask what he meant, he tells you things your rashly formed head cannot believe. Emeka is doing apprentice in a carpentry shop in Lagos. He knows the shop, he sees him everyday. The office is his oga’s and so are the cars. He is even in dire trouble because his Oga is threatening to send him back to the village on the account that he is not good at anything.

But he is looking fresh. You ask.  And he compares his freshness to your freshness… Photoshop freshness he calls it.

Then you realise what a grave mistake you have made. The hours used to photoshop those pictures could have been used to do something worthwhile; even sleep. So you delete those pictures and start your life afresh… Hoping to  truly arrive one day.

Life is not a race, it’s not a competition. We hear these phrases everyday but still we don’t read beyond its grammatical meaning. Facebook life is a lie.. Instagram is worst. Don’t judge or measure your life with what you see your friends post on any social media platform…they might just be emekaring. And trust me, you don’t want to chima along with them. Stop racing with them, rather equip yourself and gain more knowledge and experience and skills. One day, that real thing will come and you will truly hammer.

P.S.  I don’t mean everyone else is an Emeka… There are real ones. People who are blessed according to their hard work and God’s grace upon them. You just have to focus on your life alone, be happy with them and keep on keeping on. One day, like I said, you will truly hammer. No body with your kind of passion, intellect, certificate and determination will die poor. It’s not possible, but its possibility lies on how focused you are about YOUR OWN LIFE. It will only take TIME for everything to turn around for your good and all you have in this world is Time ⌚. Just make good use of it.


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