It has been  one month since my friends last attempt to hook me up with a girl. To them, I was way too old to be single. They decide in their council with the code of friendship that it was time they hooked me up with one again. Unfortunately for me yet fortunately for them, one of our neighbors had a birthday coming and he planned it to be big. So my friends helped to invite all the classy and beautiful girls on campus to the party and mandated that I must be in attendance.  I reluctantly yet willing decided to attend.
The party started and as my normal person, I sat by the corner of the club house with the company of my chivita juice pack. I was only watching my friends and the rest express their joy and excitement in form of different dance steps when my eyes caught hold of a girl; a tall beautiful girl siting at the other end with her friend who also were not dancing just like me. The dim dull spiral light bulbs of the club that goes off and on revealed her charming face. She looked dazzling and elegant that I couldn’t help but stole glances at her. My stare was so chronic that one of my friends caught me. So while I was busy checking out her, my friend was in turn looking at me with scorn. Before I could sip another drink, he was in front of me blocking my view of my newly found fantasy.

“Hey!” I shouted. “What are you doing?”

“I should ask you that.” Frank, my closet pal replied. He was a very cool and honest guy; the only reason why I got more attached to him than the other three. “How do you mean?” I asked again moving my head to get hold of my girl.

“You can’t sit here all night staring at her,” he said. I quickly stopped looking around. He knew what I was doing. “Go ahead and talk to her, you never can tell, she might as well have same feelings for you.”

“Are you insane?” I quickly added. “Get out of here please.” I said. He said the truth but I refused to accept it.

Bending down to my ear, he whispered, “If I were you, I would hide behind the dim lights of this club house and conquer my fear.” He turned and walked away.

I was still thinking about what he said when I noticed Paul staring at me too. His expression revealed that he was not happy with me. He was dancing with his girlfriend else he would have approached me and preach just as Frank did. As I took off my eyes from him, I noticed that the girl was not on her seat again. I looked around the club house and she was not there. I checked the bar and she was not there. I hissed in anger and for the second time, my eyes collided with Paul’s, he shook his head and continued dancing. I ignored him as I did not want anything to soil the wonderful feeling I was getting by mere staring at the girl’s beautiful face. I continued the search which was futile as she was nowhere inside the club. I quickly stood up and headed to the convenience room to ease off the tension that was accumulating inside of me. I opened the tap and washed my face, dipped my hand inside my pocket and brought out my handkerchief which I used to towel my face. I inhaled deeply. That was my first time of having a strong feeling for any girl. All my life I have kept it all for myself not because I was incapable of loving but because I was too shy to talk to girls about how I feel so I let my feeling for any girl die as they come. My friends have tried to hook me up several times but as they described it “I embarrassed and disappointed” them. I kept on apologizing while letting them know that I am not ready for such step; though I doubted if I would ever be. It was out of their plan to hook me up that they had forced me to come to the party even when they knew I was not the party type; a step I finally agreed to take after so much shouting and reluctance. And here I was, with the same feeling I hated; not that it was a bad thing but because I couldn’t do anything about it. I was mad at myself, first for agreeing to attend that party, secondly for being shy and allowing my weak side get the better part of me. I wailed as I hit my right hand on the wall. Suddenly the door opened, I quickly backed the door to avoid being seen in my agony by anyone. I stood there hoping the person who had opened the door would walk straight into the toilet or move to a sink next to me so I could just walk out without being seen. But it was like the person was not moving because I did not hear the footsteps anymore. My heart beat increased as I imagined who that might be.

“Are you okay?” a female’s voice asked. The voice was like a cotton bud cleaning my ear. My mouth salivates as if I just tasted honey. The tone was full of compassion and pity. It melted my heart and reduced the accelerated beating.

“Jeez! What are you doing here?” I exclaimed still backing her. “You should not be in here, here is not for ladies, check the next entrance.” I stammered.

“I know it’s wrong for me to be in here but I heard you wail from the lady’s and with the hit on the wall so I decide I should check.” The voice came again. “So stop lying and tell me what the problem is.”

I heard her footsteps advance towards me, I startled and started turning to face the wall. “Alright I am fine. Thank you for asking but you don’t have to be in here.” I told her. She did not listen as she kept footing towards me.

“Are you shy or what? Why do you hide your face?” she asked as she stopped at my back. “I am just a girl.” She added.

Her last statement was like an arrow through my heart, like the popular saying truth is bitter, I felt her words contaminate the honey taste I had earlier when she first spoke. But if I were to protect my prestige as man I have to prove to her that I am not shy. So I unhurriedly turned and in same manner lifted my head that was bent and looked at her. It was her, the girl that I have been stealing glances at was standing right in front of me asking me if I was fine. The girl with the look that got me trapped. I gaped, I could feel my heart refusing to pump blood to my other parts. My leg started to wriggle and my stomach started churning. It was like I met my fear in a mortal combat unprepared. I was going to say something but my tongue was tied. I could only open and close my mouth; an action she found funny because she was smiling at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked me again this time she touched my shoulder and even though I was wearing a T-shirt I could still feel the warmness of her touch. Goose bumps covered my body, it was like something I never felt before. My body shivered in excitement and anticipation. My mouth salivated. Awesome was the right word for the feeling I got. My eyes were fixed on hers. They were blue in colour and it glittered like emerald. I took a closer look at her nose, it was pointed and her lips was uniquely moulded. Her long weave-on that was resting on her shoulder down her back helped brought out her elegant and charming beauty. I was out of my body as I stood admiring in a closer range, the girl that I was, minutes ago stealing glances at. Gradually I noticed  her expression was beginning to change, she was getting confused and worried, maybe at my stupid stare or something else. With her other hand she held my other shoulder and finally my heart stopped pumping blood, my breath increased. As I slowly faint I could hear her ask, “What is wrong with you?”, then I swooped.
…. The story continues….


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