I stand with Boys too. 

As the world and its occupants has invariably made girls and women the vital and most celebrated topic on its daily discuss, I want to halt these movements for just a second to ask about the boys and the men.

What about the boys who are subjected to hard and malicious treatment by their madam or stepmother?

What about the boys who dropped out of school to join the harsh race of apprenticeship so their sisters could complete their education?

What about the men that suffer silently in the hands of a nagging and stubborn wives, scared of how the world would tag them half men for their inability to keep their wife in check if they speak up?

What about men who had to juggle between a very tedious job and the stress of taking care of the home because the wife knows nothing about such or maybe she knows but has been brainwashed by a mistaken celebrated individual who sits on her white sofa carefully placed in her lounge somewhere in the world telling them to fight for sexual equality(whatever that means)?

What about men who are victims of domestic violence? Who cannot hit back least the world hashtag their name on social media as wife beater? Oh, you thought they don’t exist huh? Well sorry to burst your floated bubbles…they do exist, and they are passing through hell because people like you would still fault them if they ever complain about their hell-on-earth called marriage.

What about them? What is the society doing or saying about them? I guess…no, I actually know. They are doing nothing. Nothing is being done or said about them because the universe doesn’t deem them fit for discussion. And so they resign to suffering in silence, hoping to singlehandedly rescue themselves one day.

And while they wait, they still fight for their sisters who they sacrificed their lives for. They still protect and love their wives who are the sole reason they are slowly and silently going down six feet. Their instinct still prompt them to defend any girl…stranger or otherwise even when they(girls) all are racing into a saddening movement that teaches them how irrelevant men are to them.
The universe and its occupants need a balance, a total understanding that no one, man or woman, no matter how successful you think you are can be truly happy without an intimately engineered relationship between him/her and the opposite sex in the way God destined it to be… Man as the head and woman as the helper.

As for me, I am still looking forward for the generation when this would happen and while I wait, I call on my fellow men to keep keeping on. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Let’s show them love and tolerance no matter what dish they serve us, that way, peace might return to us all.
>>>>Dedicated to all boys and men who suffer in silence because the world moves faster than its supposed to when it comes to their matter.



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