LOVE UNTOLD Episode 23

The street was piled up with people of different calibre engaged in different activities as I stepped out. On my right were students chatting argumentatively in a loud voice. I tried focusing on them to get what might be the bone of contention, but when I heard that Chelsea coach should have done this to …

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LOVE UNTOLD Episode 22

I took him by the hand and we both walked back inside my room. I watched him sat on the bed gently like he has a reddened boil on his bottom sobbing; his eyes were red and his lips trembled from fear and confusion.  “Eric.” I called, hoping the softness of my voice would at …

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Smartphones in the Hands of Dumb Generation. 

21st century saw the curious and rapid rise to different technological innovations and advancements ranging from mobile phones which advance virtually every year to home appliances and even motors, not to mention fashion that has sworn to recycling of trends. Now here is the problem, I was meant to understand in my social studies class …

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